Day: April 14, 2022

Thur. Apr. 14, 2022 – driving to BOL

Clear and comfortable today.  I hope.  Yesterday was overcast and some parts of Houston and surrounds got hammered with rain.  I never saw more than a drizzle.

Picked up a third of the pipes I went north for yesterday.   What looked like ordinary light weight fence posts turned out to be crazy heavy, schedule 80 galvanized pipe.   I only got six 10ft pipes on the truck and it was already caving in the roof.   I’ll either get a trailer for the rest, including the 20ft pipes, or have them deliver to the  BOL.   I did not know delivery was an option.  It might not be if the cost is more than renting a trailer and buying the gas.   The pipe is so heavy I might save it for the dock repairs and use pipe instead of pilings.


Today I’ve got two pickups on the way to the BOL to meet with the second opinion septic engineer.  Haven’t heard back from the first guy yet about schedule, or cost.  He’s got a reputation for good work but also for being hard to pin down.  Considering we’ll be living with the system for a long time, it makes sense to have another opinion.

So I will not be commenting or riding herd for most of the day.   I’ll likely spend the night up there, and drive home on Friday to get ready for Easter.   There I go, making plans.   Hope that doesn’t bite my backside later.

I’ve got a bunch of stuff to take up with me of course, and work to do while I’m there.  No rest for the wicked I’m afraid.

Stacking for two now, turning money into stuff.  It’s one strategy for dealing with high inflation.  Stack it up, while it’s still cheap.



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