Day: April 5, 2022

Tues. Apr. 5, 2022 – It’s always somethin’. And it always will be.

Warm-ish and clear-ish today,  but hopefully more clear than yesterday.   It was overcast most of the day with misty drizzle in the afternoon- which happened just as I got set up to cut the grass in the back yard- which has become a haven for possum.   One dead little one under the potting bench day before  yesterday with the big live one in my lawnmower cabinet, led to one big one on the top shelf of my patio grocery store yesterday.

The dog was sure he had the invader well schooled, but I didn’t want the giant rat-looking thing up with my food… he was disinclined to leave however.  So I  brought the dog indoors and waited.  Checked on mister nasty-smell later and he’d tucked himself into the box of instant mashed potatoes.   I don’t think he ate any, but Senor Raton had nibbled off the corner, providing an entry point.  Nothing but naked nasty tail sticking out of the box as a giveaway…  Picked up the box and put it up on the back fence.  Hope he takes it as the eviction it was intended to be.

Possums are a beneficial animal, but they are ugly bastages.

So, all in all, very little cleaning actually got done yesterday, after the cleaning service postponed their visit to Wednesday.

I did get some garage cleaning done, very little mind you, but some.   And I put some stuff away in the house, and, and, and…

But I mostly researched septic systems.   Today I’ll call a guy that covers the area around my BOL and I’ll probably have to go up and meet him.   Then it will be a process of managing the sequencing so that foundation repair/retaining wall guy and septic install guy don’t have to undo or redo work.  Since I’ve clearly got to do a site survey/ site plan to show the septic guy, I took a (not particularly brief) dive down the rabbit hole of point cloud elevation data, topo mapping, and 3d modelling of same.  I wanted a high resolution something that I could download and base my site survey off of without measuring everything myself.  What I got was not much more than I started with.  There is a LIDAR survey of the lake and surrounds, and it has a 1m resolution, far better than the USGS survey’s 10m resolution.

But I can’t figure out how to get just a part of the dataset to use, and even with 1m resolution, the points aren’t that close together.  I guess I’ll be out there with a tape measure after all.


Finger feels better, but my back is as sore as some sort of really sore sore thing… jab in the butt made me sit and walk funny.  And not in a Ministry of Funny Walks kind of funny, not at all.  Hope the swelling goes down today.

I’ve got a couple of things to pick up, some calls to make, and some stuff to organize.   After all, we’re just turning rapidly de-valuing fiat currency into hard goods and infrastructure for the future safety and security of my family.  I just was hoping to not have to hook the bank ATM directly to the wood chipper and turn it all to 11…

Stack it all, but especially the things you can’t live without.  Like antibiotics.  Like pain meds.   Like appropriate reference books.  And the wisdom to know when  to use what, and what for.


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