Day: April 9, 2022

Sat. Apr. 9, 2022 – non-prepping hobby day

Cool and clear, still windy. That describes Friday too.  It was back down to 48F when I went to bed.

Spent the day on some phone calls, and a pickup.  Calls paid off when a different septic guy called me back.  He’s supposed to go out to the BOL today and do a perc test, and THEN we talk about design options.   I don’t have to be there, so I’m not driving to the house today.

Over the week gas prices have come down somewhat.   Some other things have gone up to the moon.  Crab for instance.    Snow crab clusters, which used to be a cheap alternative to Alaskan king crab are over $43/pound here.   King crab isn’t even in the store, except Costco, and is over $100/pound.  I can remember when it was $9 at Kroger in Cali.   My sibling says they canceled the season this year, so that price increase could be demand driven and not just inflation.   The bacon I buy was back down a few cents, but the quality was down too, and there was only one 3 pound pack in the cooler.

Takeaway is that shortages continue, as do price increases.  All signs point to more of both coming.

When Tucker Carlson tells his audience it might be time to start stockpiling, it’s already mostly too late…

Get to stacking.


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