Day: April 16, 2022

Sat. Apr. 16, 2022 – got my workout yesterday

Continued cool and overcast with high humidity here at the BOL.  Well, probably.   It was humid enough yesterday for three days…   We had the windows open all day but ran the A/C at night.   Really glad for A/C to knock down the humidity.  The A/C here blows cold and strong.


See yesterday’s comments for some of what I got done.   Today’s plan is trim and carpet removal, cleaning and new lights and fan in another bedroom.  I have some garden stuff to do in between.  I might do some plumbing.  There is always more on the list.

At some point we’ll head home to prep for Easter.

It’s all prepping.

Take a moment this weekend and look at what you’ve got.  Add to the stacks.


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