Mon. Dec. 24, 2018 – Christmas Eve

50F sunny, and 80%RH.

Last chance to get presents, grocery shop, or set up your air defense battery and poison carrots…..

Dang kids. On a school day I can’t pry them out of be with a crowbar, rope, and a mule. Today, they are up and out of bed without prompting at 6am. I’m left to snooze for another couple hours, but don’t actually feel rested.

I still have some wrapping to do, some shopping for side dishes for tomorrow, and a bit more cleaning up. The reindeer bait needs to be made too…

Seriously though, if the holidays are tough for you, call someone. If you have a little voice tell you to check in on someone, do it. Don’t put it off for later.

I sincerely hope that everyone can find a bit of the peace and hopefulness of the season,