Thur. Jan. 31, 2019 – look over here! Shiny thing!

49F and a bit drier than normal at 85%RH. Supposed to have no rain until later, but we’ll see.

It strikes me that the public is being bombarded with the outrage of the day, and one tempest in a teapot after another, while major changes are ignored. This is not a NEW thing, and many have commented about it here, and elsewhere. Their tactics WORK, however and we need to keep taking a step back and asking “What AREN’T we seeing?” They also like to be right, and to cover their @sses. They will often report the important truth, without comment or explanation, so that they can later say “we reported this last year, and look- we were right!”

Keep asking the question, “What isn’t being reported?” “Why are they showing us THIS thing?” “Why NOW?”

Someone elsewhere recently pointed out “What’s on the news, isn’t.”

Stay frosty my friends. Repetition, outrage, lies, and misdirection WORK.


Wed. Jan. 30, 2019 – cold, but dry today

38F and 57%RH this morning and the forecast calls for clear and dry. Which is good.

I’m getting curmudgeonly in my late middle age… particularly with words and language. I see standards slipping right in front of me, and I read it as a sign of the decline. Look at the language of music, popular entertainment, and everyday discourse, and it has all been degraded. I know it’s a living thing. They’re killing it.

I see and hear ‘woman’ used for ‘female’. “There was a woman cashier working at the counter.” Hate that.

I see people consistently using ‘few’ and ‘less’ wrong. Even educated people who know it’s wrong still use ‘few’ or ‘fewer’ for both cases.

Seven yo started saying “Ima read a book.” “Ima clean my room.” The laziness of black slang, is intolerable to me in a white 7 year old student in Gifted and Talented classes. At least my wife agrees on this one. Laziness is a hard habit to break though and she says that she thinks it’s “easier” to say it.

Right now, I’m’a get her butt out of bed and ready for school…


Tues. Jan. 29, 2019 – sometimes I’m an idiot

39F and wet this am. Got some heavy rain before I fell asleep, and had the power go out briefly.

And my office went dark. Main PC and NVR. Which means I’m an idiot. Because I have a UPS sitting under the desk, but I guess I never plugged the computers into it. Like I said, idiot.

WIFE’S computer stayed up. Network rack in attic stayed up. I went down. Which also meant that at least some updates got installed on the NVR when windows came back and did its thing. Gah.

“5000 troops to Columbia” — getting sportier. Or the manipulators are getting crafty. I guess we’ll know when they start calling up units.

World is going to hell in a handbasket, but I’ve still got to make the breakfast, so I’m off….


Mon. Jan. 28, 2019 – January almost gone

Cool and damp this am. Didn’t get the batteries changed in my station, so I’m pretty sure 51F is yesterday. It did get nice and warmish, with beautiful clear skies yesterday.

I did manage to get a couple of my other projects done. New style of rat trap was built and installed. If it produces rats, I’ll do a couple more. I haven’t seen any poop in a while, since I vacuumed everything. I did see the rat on the fence though.

Finished pruning the bushes. That is a time definite task and this was as good a time as most. I imagine it is even worse if you are farming or ranching. Stuff needs to be done when it needs to be done, and you don’t have much choice. We’re not quite to “when all danger of frost has passed”, but I will be planting something soon. Not sure what yet, but it’s getting close.

Lots of stuff still going on internationally. And we can’t seem to keep our noses out. As Dr Pournelle often wrote- “There Will Be WAR” here or there or all over the place… it will be ugly.


Sun. Jan. 27, 2019 – whole body aches

47F and 93%RH sounds about right.

Looks sunny out there though. Nice change from yesterday afternoon, which was all cloud cover and gloom. NOAA says early morning rain for us. Wrong again. I just looked at their last three 3 day forecasts, and they’re all over the place. Bah.

I hurt everywhere. I did spend several hours yesterday, on a ladder, holding a sawzall above my head, and hauling branches, so not TOTALLY unexpected. I forgot how much work your core does when doing something like that. Hips, back, buttocks, and lats are all groaning. They don’t have enough energy to scream…..

But there is no rest for the wicked, so after breakfast I’ve got carpentry projects to do, and a list to chip away at.

Nice harvest of green sweet peppers though. That was a pleasant surprise. I thought they were done for the year, and frozen. Wife is making ham and black bean soup in the instant pot today. Lamb roast on the menu for dinner. All good on a blustery cold day.


Sat. Jan. 26, 2019 – nice day finally

47F and sunny this am.

Yesterday it must have gotten up to 68F and 37%RH as the weather station is stuck there. I think today will be ‘change the batteries’ day for the weather station….

Child number two has a basketball game later today, so we’ll be headed out for that.

Until then, I’ve got loads to do, and I better get started.


Fri. Jan. 25, 2019 – banana republic, or justice being served

Cold and damp. Weather station is reporting 63F but there isn’t any way that’s correct. I still need to replace the batteries…

Headline today:

“Former Trump Advisor Roger Stone Arrested As Part Of Mueller Probe”

Over two years. Lawfare. I don’t know the truth, but I do know that HRC committed far worse crimes against the people of this country and will die of disease and bad luck before being brought to justice. An that ain’t right.

What did you do to prep this week?


Thur. Jan. 24, 2019 – freezing

30F and wet, according to my station. (in half an hour it dropped to 29F) This sucks dead bunnies. I trusted weatherunderground’s forecast and DID NOT cover my citrus. I’m going to be REALLY angry if I lose a tree because those @ssholes assured me it wasn’t necessary. I’ve become used to the idea the .gov forecast is always wrong, but WU had been reliable.

Yesterday some people thought they saw snowflakes. I thought I saw a few myself. And by a few, I mean 10-12. The backyard thermometer read 40F so I dismissed it as impossible. Several other people insisted that they saw them too, all over town at different times. I should have covered my citrus.

In more wide ranging thoughts, if the world was a bunch of guys in a crowd, full of drunks, bullies, that guy who always thinks you can talk it out, and the angry girlfriend yelling sh!t, we just moved from pushing, yelling, and posturing to ‘took a few swings’, landed a few punches or “scattered fistfights broke out”. There is then a pause when people think “wow that hurt’ or “F you pussy!’ or ‘I’m going home, you and him fight’. The drunk girl is still yelling sh!t, because she loves the smell of sweaty men, and hasn’t been hit yet.

At the end of this pause, the crowd will either break up as the guys decide it’s just not worth it yet, or the fight will break out again with a lot more seriousness. This is also the point where the cops usually come and break up the crowd to send all the sullen fighters home. BUT the cops are on strike at the moment, concerned about their own issues, or possibly looking to put the boot in on their own.

Iran’s acting like they know they’ve got a gun in their pants, and everyone else is naked. If they decide this is the time, all hell is going to break lose, and we WILL get involved. A nuclear conflict in the middle east is a step WAY to far for us to ignore. Even a big dog can get bitten by a little dog at the start of the fight. If that bite is poisoned or infected, one bite is all it takes.

Cheery thoughts for a dreary morning, eh?

Stack it high fellows. There’s no harm in being ready. The worst that being wrong would bring is ‘bringing forward demand’ as the economists say, and you shop less over the next few months.


Tues. Jan. 22, 2019 – volunteer day

Cool and wet, almost certainly.

Posting early as today is the day I volunteer at the kids’ school. Science enrichment for the 4th grade.

So I’ll be scrambling to get myself ready as well as everyone else.

Once again progressive leftists have revealed themselves and their true feelings. They want anyone that has different beliefs to be punched in the nuts or fed into a wood chipper. They’re willing to advocate for it on the flimsiest basis and against kids too.

The center can not hold.