Fri. Dec. 14, 2018 – counting down the days

45F and wet.  After such a nice sunny warm day yesterday.  Yuck.

It took 4 tries to start typing in this “block” using the new editor.  Don’t know what made it finally work, but the last thing I tried was changing the font size.

No blinking insert cursor.  No layout marks or text.  Just a blank white page.  I can see where the mac fanbois would like it.  Or the UI people at MS who made the tiles interface, where you can’t tell when one window starts and another ends because they’ve eliminated all the visual cues.  There will probably be a metric ton of posts about posting around the world…. how meta.

The year is winding to an end.  Nice that I don’t think russia will be doing a ‘hurry up’ invasion in order to have a fait accompli before the inauguration, like I did a couple years ago…. but there are plenty of things going around.

New Jersey, for example, wants to start a civil war.  We’ll see.  My bet is more boiled frog.

Anyway.  Lots to do today, so I’ll be out of the house.  Talk amongst yourselves…