Sun. Dec. 30, 2018 – so close

46F and saturated. Good thing I don’t want to take down the decorations yet, they won’t dry in this weather.

Did I mention that I ate the two oranges I got off the tree this year? Tasty, but almost/kinda/soon to be woody. So I waited a bit too long. I don’t know if they were too long on the tree, or in the fridge. Hopefully we’ll see next year.

Got a tiny bit of stuff done. Replaced the tail light bulbs in my Expy. The right side burned out, so I changed them both, and the reverse lights while I was there. Took some scrap metal to the scrapper. LOTS more just waiting for the time and weather…

I dropped my phone again and got some more little cracks in the corner. The digitizer is starting to lose accuracy, so I think I might have to replace it. It’s the Samsung S7 (non-‘splody version). It is showing its age after a bunch of updates with some increased lag, and the battery isn’t lasting as long. I don’t really want to go thru the whole phone search again, don’t want anything bigger, or much smaller, don’t want wrap around edges, and WILL be buying a case this time. New old stock of the same phone is very cheap, but that won’t solve the bloat and lag issue.

ATT fiber continues to suck. It goes down several times a day. Usually only for a minute or two, but that breaks streaming. It happens often enough that it breaks my pages reloading when I’m just messing around reading sites. It’s fast. But not stable.

Unrelated, but I use Kodi on a SFF pc to watch youtube in bed on the TV. It works well and has a decent interface. BUT on weekends, especially late at night, it runs out of whatever licensing scheme it uses to connect to youtube, and youtube refuses the connections, saying it will reset at midnight Pacific time. There is a workaround involving signing up as a developer, getting your own keys from youtube, then installing those keys on Kodi, but it’s a pain. WTF does youtube gain by limiting connections? I usually just read or close my eyes early when it happens but it is puzzling.

Along with everything else, it’s time to start thinking about my garden, and getting the beds ready. More manure. More soil. Some veg seeds. Beyond that, I haven’t a clue yet.

And I should get this up and the kids fed,