Wed. Dec. 26, 2018 – Boxing Day

Probably somewhere in the 60s and damp, but I’m writing this early so who knows. It’s probably not 89F though.

Meant to get to sleep, but wasn’t really tired. Read the fourth book in Horton’s series about the collapse after the terror attacks, his Borrowed World books. Read the whole book. Probably shouldn’t have started it at 11pm, but I didn’t really think it would suck me in. It did. His writing continues to improve.

And I miss my dad. I’ve been skirting the issue most of the last couple of days, but it caught up with me. I’d turn a corner and expect him to be calling to me with a question or suggestion. So I kinda didn’t want to be alone with my thoughts in bed. Caught me anyway, and now it’s 4am… and I’m still not sleepy. Tired, but not sleepy.

Duty calls however. Kids, wife, and guest will all be up in a few hours and want breakfast. That’s the daddy’s job, at least here and now. I better try and get some sleep or I’m gonna be one unhappy, grumpy camper.