Fri. Dec. 7, 2018 – “”a date which will live in infamy.””

Posting this the night before, but I’m pretty sure it’s warmer and wet.

No idea whether the attack was a sneak attack and one of the most dastardly treacheries of modern time, or a cynical manipulation of American sentiment to get a result the state wanted desperately. I WANT to believe the first, and hope that no one would trade those lives for the emotional appeal. And I want to believe the same on 9-11, decades later. But I get older, and more cynical as time goes by. So I’ll at least allow the possibility that there was more to the story than we were told at the time.

If we can’t know the truth about events that only happened a handful of decades ago, how can we ever hope to know what happened even longer ago than that? (I posit that time must past for the truth to come out, and we have no hope of knowing the truth of anything within our lifetimes. The players have too much vested in the narrative.) the truth may not even be knowable as we all have limited frames of reference. We all ACT like we know it though…

I do know one truth, change is coming.