Sat. Dec. 8, 2018 – whew, that was a lot of rain

47F and dripping wet this am.

We got a BUNCH of rain last night. Official county stations show high 4″s to mid 5″ rainfalls all over the county. Most of it was Northwest, with the least falling in the southeast. Several streams/creeks/bayou feeders have overtopped their banks in outlying areas. That pig is going to be working its way thru the python for a while.

State of the preps this week- dismal.

I bought some plastic bins to use for canned and boxed food on the storage shelves. I have to get back to stacking no matter what the rat situation. I decided the bins were needed because of the spoilage caused by rat urine on the cans. Boxes and pouches will benefit even more. The bins are light weight, and clear-ish. They were still about $10 each. We’ll see how they work.

I harvested 2 oranges from the tree, and one meyer lemon. Not a huge crop.

I bought some rolling shelving carts to help organize all the bins of ebay stuff I have waiting to sell. Wife isn’t happy, but the bins are out of my office and the hallway.

Ebay sales were essentially nothing. I went from a couple thousand or more per month to selling one or two items. This seems to be common to a lot of resellers at the moment. I did sell one item yesterday and one today, but at $20 ea. profit, that won’t pay the bills. Not sure what to do except keep plugging away.

Office cleanup and organizing continues. Christmas prepping continues. Activities are stacking up. Today I have my non-prepping hobby meeting and an end of season soccer party, tomorrow, 2 Christmas parties and a piano recital all overlap. Meatspace is great and all, but it will suck up your time.

So, anyone get any preps done? Anyone feel ready for the holidays?