Mon. Dec. 3, 2018 – busy week ahead

Cool and wet today. Still haven’t changed the batteries in my weather station…

I did get some of the Christmas lights up yesterday, some of the yard work done, and the tiniest bit of cleanup done.

I still maintain we are in a period of worldwide rearrangement. I don’t think the EU will survive the stresses on it. The influx of invaders has sealed its fate. South and central american socialist paradises that were paid for by oil have started crumbling. China has expanded until it can’t keep up. The skin of the bubble no longer has anything behind it. Russia…well, who is next in line after Putin, and what do they want? All the countries that were either trying to align with NATO or the EU must be rethinking that… The UK has already voted their desire…

This is the kind of massive change the historically leaves 100 Million dead or dying from sickness, starvation, and war.

Gloomy? Oh heck yes. Look how they treated Churchil. But he was right.