Sun. Dec. 9, 2018 – up late

45f and wet this am, but supposed to get some sun later.

Stayed up late last night reading. Finished the 3rd book in Frank Horton’s Borrowed World series. It’s taken the characters a long time (3 books) to get to the point where they are really starting to deal with their situation. Lots of deadly mistakes have been made, but people are toughening up. Good books so far, only a bit of the prepper book ‘info dump’ and a little of the overly specific gear descriptions. It is a prepper manual after all, so that’s really the style. I read and liked his Locker Nine books too. His writing improves with every book. There was even a line of foreshadowing in this last one. Anyway, I only meant to read a little bit and fall asleep, but I spent over an hour and finished the book. I will be reading the rest.

Now it’s time to feed the kids and start my day.