Sat. Nov.10, 2018 – cali has had a bad week

Supposed to be cooler today, we’ll see. Crazy hot yesterday.

Wildfires burning Malibu and surrounds, murderous crazies, and all the usual nonsense too. Looks like Cali’s time in the barrel.

I’m feeling a bit more human, with the cough syrup on board, but it doesn’t cure, only hides. Sleep is the best medicine, so I’m going to endulge in some….


Fri. Nov. 9, 2018 – gonna get worse

Mid 80s during the day and humid. No rain though. Sunny and miserable. I see that Houston is set for rain.

Crowds outside political opponent’s homes, yelling matches at press conferences, it’s the end of civility and it’s gonna get worse.

There was vote cheating, more will come to light, more will be attempted. And that will lead to violence.


Thur. Nov.8, 2018 – still sick

Slept all day yesterday. Evening was nice, we walked to dinner.

Today is supposed to be a down day as we are mostly just changing hotels again. Speaking of hotels, it s now mandatory that the guy takes out your trash daily. They come every day and take out the trash, even if you specifically tell them to stay out. He ( and unlike the normal housekeeping they are Male) came back while we were at dinner. I suspect they are monitoring the occupancy sensors. One black OP and now my hotel room gets searched every day. This is getting F-ing stupid. When I brought him the trash from the master bathroom and wouldn’t let him in there, he visibly vapor locked. It’s clear that it is not about the trash.

Big deal elections, and I don’t have anything to look at but my phone… it is painful.


Tues. Nov. 6, 2018 – get out and vote

Beautiful day yesterday. A bit humid in the evening, but still reasonable.

Huge amount of construction here. Lots of new stuff in the works. More Brits, and still a lot of Brazilians here. More Japanese too. Quite shocking the amount of tattoos. Not just a US thing, clearly.

Bag check and metal detectors at park entrance, but not a serious search. Still… an older guy had some sort of event in the park and there were at least 10 cast members dressed as all different departments in a loose circle around him. I think he had a medical issue or fell. He seemed fine and was sitting on a bench when we walked by. Clearly they are paying attention, and have a multifaceted response.

If you haven’t yet, exercise your franchise. Lots of people in this world don’t have it and it may save a lot of lives.


Mon. Nov. 5, 2018 – let’s try this again

The rain held off yesterday until after 3pm. Overcast and cool was nice. Once we were wet anyway, we hit the water rides. Then it got cold!

I’m using my phone to write this post. I switched to the Samsung keyboard, which has a swipe function. It works better than swype. Swype has gotten so bad I can’t use it for anything more than a sentence or two.

The TV here is nothing but political ads. Must be an election coming up….

Get out and vote. Every one is going to be important, especially on your local issues.


Sat. Nov. 3, 2018 – something to think about

Posting Fri. night… weather is supposed to be hot and rainy.

I read 2 very interesting articles in the Wall Street Journal on the plane.

This will only get worse.

And this article that reveals some of the stuff your apps are gathering and how it is being used.

Think about these two things in the context of our previous discussion of people living in two different worlds…you every interaction governed by ratings you can’t see and taylored by data you didn’t even know you were giving up. Add chinese style social score and you have a very different experience than your neighbor.

Well, I’ve got wizarding to do….


Fri. Nov. 2, 2018 – another week gone, and 2 months left

45F and wet this am. Fall has definitely arrived in Houston, maybe Winter too.

Power outage killed my first post… came back quickly but took a while for FF to update, etc. I need to make some changes today, get the UPS in line and have the pc restore after power failure. Had to change the scheduled record for the last camera I added to ispy too. Somehow I missed that.

Mad scramble today until departure time.

I’ll be in the Eastern time zone, but will have irregular hours.

If I don’t have a post up by 9am Central, someone else please do the honors.

And if things really go pear shaped while I’m away, and you can offer a safe haven in the Orlando area, please email me.


Thur. Nov. 1, 2018 – whew, made it

58F and wet.

Made it through Halloween. Now I hope to get the decor down before my trip. Can’t do it wet though.

I have to find a spot for my printer today, and get a bunch of stuff moved, and I’ve got one sick kid home with me. Glad I managed to vote yesterday.

Having voted, I kept waiting for poll results. I usually vote on the day so it feels weird not knowing yet who won.

Feels like it should be a weekend, but of course it isn’t. I better get the rest of the family moving.