Tues. Nov. 6, 2018 – get out and vote

Beautiful day yesterday. A bit humid in the evening, but still reasonable.

Huge amount of construction here. Lots of new stuff in the works. More Brits, and still a lot of Brazilians here. More Japanese too. Quite shocking the amount of tattoos. Not just a US thing, clearly.

Bag check and metal detectors at park entrance, but not a serious search. Still… an older guy had some sort of event in the park and there were at least 10 cast members dressed as all different departments in a loose circle around him. I think he had a medical issue or fell. He seemed fine and was sitting on a bench when we walked by. Clearly they are paying attention, and have a multifaceted response.

If you haven’t yet, exercise your franchise. Lots of people in this world don’t have it and it may save a lot of lives.