Sat. Nov. 24, 2018 – Black Friday over, only a couple dead…

Currently 51F and saturated.

Missed the garbage truck this morning. I usually hear them in plenty of time. Bummer.

Despite Friday of color shootings and fights, it was probably less violent than most weekends in those areas. And the cops might have shot the wrong guy in Alabama…

The malls and stores I drove past yesterday didn’t look particularly busy, and there wasn’t any traffic to speak of. Goodwill had shoppers…

An estate seller I chatted with, who might be a LMI, said their business was way down, all the antique business was hurting, and all the sellers he knows are slow. He’s made plans to bug out after riding thru the first wave of violence and looting in the collapse he thinks is coming soon. He’s adamant that the economy is actually doing very poorly, and any good news is lies.

5000 refugees and it’s a humanitarian crisis when it’s in Mexico–

Tijuana declares ‘humanitarian crisis’ and asks for help from the United Nations as 5,000 migrants from Central America descend on the border city”

Huh. Imagine that.

Stack it high my friends!