Tues. Nov. 20, 2018 – maybe it’s already started…

44F and damp this morning. Dreary.

With the current stock market turmoil, and all the down days, I’m beginning to think the next meltdown has started. We’re way overdue. Looking at the charts for 2008, there was a lot of down, partial recovery, then down some more. The trend was down though.

Then there is this, from Simon Black, so get out your salt shaker, but still….


And then this, along with Amazon being responsible for about 9% of S&P losses all by itself…


And this


Add the fraud reports coming out of Nissan and various banks (up markets will hide a lot of shenanigans)…


This may really be it. Make sure you have some cash around for the coming week, pay anything you can, and check all your online balances so you know what you’ve got.