Fri. Nov. 16, 2018 – what did you do to prep this week?

Weather station says 38F and wet this morning. THIS I believe, although I didn’t change the batteries yet. Yesterday was sunny all day, so the solar had a chance to recharge them somewhat… cold and unpleasant.

I’ve got guests from now thru Thanksgiving.

I did pick up a spot of work, and I’m nearly done with the thing I started in SPRING, so there will be some cash coming in. Some of it will go toward ammo.

The advice “don’t be there” was only ever meant in a narrow case, and it’s harder and harder to justify as any sort of usefulness at all. Trouble is finding people in their homes, in their schools, and in their cars. Vigilance and preparedness are increasingly in order.

Since we haven’t done it in a while, you can include any preps made since the last time…and recap if needed (to be interesting.)

I bought some more storage in the form of a safe and a fire resistant file cabinet. I intend to fill them both…

I bought and installed an upgraded camera, and ordered another. The IR illuminator, and image rez are big upgrades from my old but high end cams. I moved the NVR software to a stand alone box, increasing capability and usability.

I added a couple of books to my library, including a pure “after the fall” volume of engineering formulas and practice. MOST of my library is good solid reference. Some is for the bucket for recovery. I hope I never need those.

Used some of my store medical supplies. Vet-wrap ages poorly. I need to replace what I used.

Both kids and spouse have their Girl Scout First Aid badges. I was able to supply an extensive kit for meetings, and lots of training materials.

Bought a 3D printer.

Didn’t get any winter garden in.

Didn’t get rid of the rats. Have to restack the food anyway, as it will freeze in the driveway. That sucks.

Am cleaning and organizing my office, and the garage.

Need to finish the closet/bath/hurricane room project. It’s cool again, so I don’t have the excuse of heat. I do have the excuse of company and holidays….

Need to get the gennie connected to the house and the transfer switch. Pure laziness that that isn’t done yet.

And now I need to feed the kids….

So what did you do? What skill are you working on? Who have you met? What needs addressing?