Sun. Nov. 18, 2018 – a bit warmer

62F and saturated.

I got a bunch of little tasks done yesterday. Took down most of the Halloween decor, started moving Christmas stuff around. Then alternated thru about half a dozen little projects.

Did hit a couple yard sales on the way home from soccer. Got a burner phone for $1 to keep in the car. You can always call 911 from any cell phone, and that’s what this one will be for. Also got some safety equipment that I’ll probably flip, and a school calculator that I’ll def sell. I make pretty steady money finding TI 83 and 84 calcs for <$5 and reselling them for >$50. They are not cheap. I wonder if the parents selling them didn’t have to pay for them….

Yard sale season was very short this year due to heat and rain.

Ayy, kids are screeching. Better feed the kraken.