Tues. Nov. 27, 2018 – an appeal…

Cold and wet this morning. Weather station hibernating due to weak batteries. It was 44F according to my wife’s phone yesterday, and I expect it will be the same or colder today, mainly based on the amount of time the furnace is running right now…

I have been reading thru a lot of the old posts Bob made wrt some of the new preppers here. There is a ton of good info tagged with the names of the couples and families he was helping. I would REALLY like to hear from you guys, now almost two years on, regarding your experiences, mindset, and current preparedness.

Jen, Jason and Jessica, Brittany, Cassie, Lisa… pseudonyms all, members of the community! You can contact me directly at flandrey at aol dot com if you like and I’ll pass along whatever you care to share.

For everyone else, I encourage you to read thru some of the older posts under whatever tag catches your eye. As usual, the tag and post are often just the jumping off point for a lot of good activity in the comments. If for some reason you are coming here, and still not reading comments, you are missing 95% of the content. I came for years without reading or writing comments, and missed some of the best comment section on the interwebs.

And now, time to get the kids and wife fed and out the door.