Thur. Nov. 15, 2018 – cold spell broke??— nope

53F and 35%RH NOPE, 35F at 6am here in Houston. At least according to my weather station [time for new batteries in the station]. I haven’t stuck my head out the door to confirm. [just did, frost on roofs]

Daughter got back from her school trip without incident. She figured out how to get connected to WiFi on the bus, and then later on one of the mom’s hotspots. We don’t have phone service on her iPhone, and she can’t carry it normally, but we let her take it ‘as a camera’. Good thing she’s not sneaky as she sent us multiple text messages revealing her ability. Clearly gonna have to have some more conversations with her about device usage.

The lawyer that was instrumental in the ongoing harrasment of President Trump was accused of beating his girlfriend. He claims it’s “bullshit.” Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…………………….. Schadenfreude, it’s what’s for breakfast! Can’t wait to see how he feels with the shoe on his foot.

The story about the cabal within the German military is gaining traction.

Brexit is causing issues.

Russia may have jammed the GPS system during the wargames, ya know, just to let people know they can…. I guess the FAA won’t be approving GenNext air traffic or whatever it’s called this week….

Outright criminal conduct by .gov in Florida, and where’s the outrage? They’ll try to steal another one. Pretty soon, this is just “normal” behaviour and the butt of jokes… instead of the shot heard round the world.

Gun registration and confiscation is back on the table too. GO BUY GUNS. GO BUY AMMO. GO BUY MAGS AND PARTS KITS. Get ahead of the next panic. Even better if you can do so legally person to person, without paperwork or credit cards. Estate sales are good for that BTW.

Relaxation time is over. Get back to work.