Wed. Oct. 31, 2018 – Halloween!

76F and 80%RH make today much different from the last week. We’ll see what the day has in store. I REALLY hope it will stay dry until late tonight.

I like Halloween. I like dressing up the house. I like making the little beggars happy for a while. I like that it gives them a reason to dress up and play “lets pretend.” So much of kids lives today involves consuming someone else’s pretend, I like that they get the opportunity.

I don’t mind all the leftover candy either.


Tues. Oct. 30, 2018 – getting close…

to Halloween!

67F and saturated out.

By now you should have a couple of bags of give away food ready, some protective camouflage in the yard, and perhaps even a disguise at the ready. The yearly event when we teach our kids to be socialists- extorting free stuff under threat of violence, and begging for goodies, paid for by others, is soon to be upon us.

I can’t wait!

It’s even better when no kids show up. Then you have to eat all that candy by yourself, ‘cuz you don’t want it to ”go to waste!”

Tons of stuff to do still, before the day. . .


Mon. Oct. 29, 2018 – let’s get started

61F and saturated. Yesterday was a gorgeous day. Clear, sunny, 80F and a cool breeze. Hot in the sun, and humidity so high, spilled water didn’t dry. Not quite a perfect day, but nice looking.

National weather for the next couple days also shows clear for Houston. A bit dryer would be nice.

Some good info about riots and self defense here:

He’s got a couple other articles about riots too. Definitely worth a review. (I’ve linked them before at other times.)

People in media and other public eye are starting to find reasons why there might not be a ‘blue wave.’ I think their polling is probably abysmal. The couple I met yesterday said they were much more common than the shrieking socialist in their circle… and that the shriekers were an off-putting minority. [Duh].

I just realized I need to do early voting as I’ll be out of town next Tuesday. Dang. I could have missed that. Look at your calendar folks!

ADDED- Anyone think we AREN’T in a period of great change??

Angela Merkel will not seek re-election as chair of Germany’s ruling CDU party, effectively standing down as leader of the Christian Democratic Union, a post she has held for 18 years…


Sun. Oct. 28, 2018 – hell in a handbasket, I tells ya…

66F and 99%RH at 9am. Cool but damp. Fingers are so stiff my hands are like paddles.

Quick scan of the headlines has more of the same, doom, war, death, war, and continued assault on freedom and people who look and think like me.

Anyone at all find it strange that a major push on a very public topic that is at the heart of the prog/liberal agenda is taking place 2 weeks before an important election? And when it starts to go bad, a “pro-Trump” crazy commits an atrocity. THEN an ANTI-Trump crazy commits an atrocity…

It is getting serious out there folks, whether by design or because the universe likes balance. When elephants dance the mice get flattened. Eyes open and preps stacked!


Sat. Oct. 27, 2018 – Halloween is coming

Only 59F and dripping this late am.

Winter is coming too.

Time. Everyone only gets what they get, but you live as if you got it all. Truly must be a survival trait to not be crushed under the futility of it all, or paralyzed by the choices.

Kids let me sleep in after waking me at 7.

Spent a couple of sleepless hours tuning around the ham and shortwave bands. There was some great DX last night, even though not all the bands were open and there was a lot of noise. New Zealand Radio boomed in, doing an all request music show. Their taste in pop music is a bit different from ours, based on what they were playing.

Lot of hams working 80 m and 40m. Some sort of contest made the bands very crowded, but it also brought out the “big guns” of contesting. HUGE antenna farms in far away places and big signals, made for some very interesting listening and call sign lookups. A lot of the time you wonder if your antenna and rig are any good because you really don’t hear all that much. Then you hear last night, which despite the noise, had more audible stations calling CQ than you could shake a stick at.

I better get some food on the table or there will be drama…


Fri. Oct. 26, 2018 – is it over yet?

51F and not quite dripping this morning in Houston. Fall is here with winter on her heals.

Will the Saudi murder of a journalist be the trigger for the collapse? Lots of gloom in the financial markets worldwide and we’re headed into the weekend. I hope not, but charts of the last one show a similar series of down, recovery, down, recovery, big down days….

Suddenly Halloween is almost here, and I don’t feel ready. I’ve got more family travel coming up too that I’m totally unprepared for mentally. This rain has pushed and canceled so many things that running up against hard dates feels very awkward. And I feel like I missed out on something.

The rest of the year is going to be hectic.

Even if there isn’t a collapse.


Thur. Oct. 25, 2018 – weird night.

64F and dripping wet.

Rain throughout the night, but not heavy here. Some people got clobbered apparently.

Woke up several times, soaked in sweat. That’s not like me at all. The weird part was that each time it felt like I’d slept all night. Usually it feels like I haven’t slept at all if that happens.

Strange dreams too. The last one was about shipping freight.

I generally don’t sleep well when all the chicks aren’t in the nest, should be better tonight.

Ebay is strange. I sold an obscure military item, one that has been sitting on my shelf for a year or two with maybe one sale. Then suddenly I sell two more, and get an offer on a third. The buyers are all over the country, so I don’t see any link between them, but there must be SOMETHING for the item to suddenly be in demand. Strange.

Breakfast time, and I have to do the school run… better get moving.


Wed. Oct 24, 2018 – some days write themselves, and some….

62F and dripping this morning. Didn’t check the gauge for total rain yesterday, but we got some for a while. It has been very wet. We should be getting some of the effect of the big storm crossing Mexico be tomorrow morning. Yea! More rain.

Some days I wake up and there is nothing to say. Other days, I cut it short so I can get the family fed and out the door. Guess which type today is??

And yet, maybe there is something.

Triggers. We had some discussion about setting triggers and then acting on them. According to the constable’s deputy last night, one of our neighbors was robbed at gunpoint 2 nights ago, while walking in the neighborhood. A ‘white man and some youths’ approached him, asked the time, and when he got out his phone to check, they stuck a gun in his face and robbed him. Deputies were able to arrest at least some of the robbers later that night after a short pursuit.

I mentioned that one of my triggers for moving was ‘violent home invasion in the neighborhood.’ Told my wife last night that I’m pretty much counting this incident, and want to start seriously looking. Her response was “which area of Houston is safer?”

And that folks is how you boil the frog. It’s why Venezuela didn’t empty out. There aren’t many areas in Houston that are safer, and they are both very blue politically, and very spendy.

We’ll see what happens, but I don’t think I’ll be seriously house shopping, and not in the direction away from town that I’d like.


Tues. Oct. 23, 2018 – out of office today

54F and raining this morning.

I wrote today’s post as a comment at the end of yesterday’s comments.

I’m volunteering with the science enrichment folks at the kids’ school today, so I’ll be AFK all morning.


added– as a check on “tone”, please spend a bit hitting the keywords on the right for some fairly recent ‘historical’ posts. Both Bob and I have been pretty haphazard with tags so they are nothing like complete, but there is a good range of info there. As always, some of the best info is in comments in response to the posts and OTHER comments. It’s what I do periodically, and what I spent far to much of yesterday morning doing.

Mon. Oct. 22, 2018 – another week begins

54F and less than saturated…. a chilly but good start.

Huh, made 3 sales overnight. I hope that is a trend. Too early to tell.

I didn’t mention it at the time, but there have been a couple of police officers shot and killed during ‘routine’ traffic stops. A few months ago that would have led to much speculation and pontification. There doesn’t seem to be much in the media about it, and little in the blogs. Hmmm.

The saudi thing continues to get weirder. The truth will out, there are too many people who do not like the house of saud and would like to see it fall or at least falter, esp. it’s current head.

Interesting times.