Sun. Oct. 21, 2018 – Better weather today

59F with 83%RH and the sun is shining. Nice change.

As usual, lots of stuff to do today. Lots piled up by the weather too.

Halloween decor needs a boost. Junk needs sorting. Etc.

In the meantime the cold war with Russia is heating up. We’re calling them cheaters and leaving the nuke treaty. They are opening their financial system (alternative to SWIFT) to other parties.

The drums of war are beating everywhere.

Thousands of invaders are crossing the border every week and more are queued up as we speak.

Assassination is becoming commonplace.

Now both sides are getting in pols faces out in public. The sleeping middle may actually have started to wake. Lord help us all.


Sat. Oct. 20, 2018 – the weekend has arrived, whoop whoop whoop

67F and soaking wet. Gah, more rain.

Sleep. Hmmm, sleep. Finally got some.

Managed to hit a couple sales. Got a full unopened box of vac seal bags for $4 last week and forgot about it. This week picked up a couple of small items. Prices were high. Did get an ooma phone adapter. Meant to buy one, finally saw one, will try getting vonage switched out… otherwise it was mostly little bits of tech stuff for around the house.

Met with my favorite toy seller, and he says his business hasn’t really slumped. Many others are reporting reduced sales including a big manufacturer from Austria. Orange man is bad for toy sales, like Obomo was good. My friend though is filled with a sense of dread. His customers are buying multiples and cases. His prices are very good, so that may be part of it, but there is also a sense of ‘getting ready for what’s coming’.

What is the trigger? Well, the leftists are working themselves up for something. Suppose that despite all their voter fraud there is a massive RED wave at election time. [engage ad blocker and no script first] If there is a definitive repudiation of lefty candidates, policy, etc. will the Democratic party survive? Will it be the tipping point for the foreign-funded agitators? I think it’s possible.

Don’t slack off. Keep stacking. Tell me what YOU did to prep this week.


Fri. Oct. 19th, 2018 – the weekend cometh…

65F and wet. Improvement? Bahh.

More to do to get ready for stuff….

Wife is traveling for work (likes pre-Check) so I’ve got all the kid stuff all by my lonesome. Soccer yesterday. School “fun run” and festival today. We usually provide a lot of technical support, but I’m alone so we’ll be scaling WAY back. Hope it is still enough. I guess we’ll see (or not, mostly we add lighting to the super dark outdoor space.)



Thur. Oct 15, 2018 – cold and wet

57F and wet out. Just yuck.

Plenty to do still this week, even if there are only a couple of days left. Little motivation, lots of excuses (still not feeling right) but stuff needs doing.

Suck it up buttercup. (marvelous phrase that…)

Today’s news is yesterday’s news. I’m actually ok with more of the same today. It would be nice to catch my breath.

And now, gotta feed the kids.


Wed. Oct. 17, 2018 – eye appointment later today

56F! Dang that’s chilly. Actually dripping wet too. My old bones are stiff and aching.

Looks like youtube was down, and not just for me. Whatever the reason turns out to be, if the majors are vulnerable like that, imagine the little guys. Like our Republic, the Internet was designed for virtuous and conscientious users. It won’t survive when the majority are neither.

Whether this is a sign of the coming future, I’ll leave to the reader as an exercise, but I’m long hardcopy and local ownership…


Sun. Oct. 14, 2018 – nice day!

77F and only 50%RH. Sunny and nice out!

Maybe today will focus on outdoor stuff. Driveway, scrap, decorations…

Picked up some good stuff at yard sales yesterday, despite not hitting them until after 1pm. Emergency food (USCG bars), gub stuff, resale items, all sorts of stuff. I guess yard sale season started. It was very slow all summer, due to heat and wet.

Gotta feed the kids.


Sat. Oct. 13, 2018 – Friday the 13th falls on a Saturday this month

OK, 78F and 90%RH this morning. Maybe kissing summer goodbye was a tiny bit premature.

I have my ‘non-prepping hobby’ meeting this am, followed by kid sports, then work…

I’ve got to get stuff out of the driveway and garage to make room for the new stuff coming on Monday. I’ve been slack about it all week but suddenly the week is gone. !Aye, que loco!

Reading through some old RBT posts looking for references, and I’m feeling like it’s time for another muslim terror attack. They had a certain rhythm to them, and it feels like that time. I hate that what I just typed might be true.

Keep stacking folks, the world and the people in it didn’t change because Trump got elected.


Fri. Oct. 12, 2018 – half way through…

62F and 86%RH. I guess summer has ended.

Half way thru another month. Only a couple of weeks until Halloween (our favorite time to dress up the house.) I better add that to my list :headsmack

And then Thanksgiving, then Christmas, New Years, and 2019. Holy cow, it’s coming like a freight train!

So, what did you do to prep? We now have clear evidence that the Gulf can get a Cat4 with just a day’s notice (assuming the lie.) We like to say that the best thing about a hurricane is you can see it coming. Not sure that’s quite as comforting this week.

It’s hard to stay motivated, but something like a pop up hurricane should do it.