Wed. Oct 24, 2018 – some days write themselves, and some….

62F and dripping this morning. Didn’t check the gauge for total rain yesterday, but we got some for a while. It has been very wet. We should be getting some of the effect of the big storm crossing Mexico be tomorrow morning. Yea! More rain.

Some days I wake up and there is nothing to say. Other days, I cut it short so I can get the family fed and out the door. Guess which type today is??

And yet, maybe there is something.

Triggers. We had some discussion about setting triggers and then acting on them. According to the constable’s deputy last night, one of our neighbors was robbed at gunpoint 2 nights ago, while walking in the neighborhood. A ‘white man and some youths’ approached him, asked the time, and when he got out his phone to check, they stuck a gun in his face and robbed him. Deputies were able to arrest at least some of the robbers later that night after a short pursuit.

I mentioned that one of my triggers for moving was ‘violent home invasion in the neighborhood.’ Told my wife last night that I’m pretty much counting this incident, and want to start seriously looking. Her response was “which area of Houston is safer?”

And that folks is how you boil the frog. It’s why Venezuela didn’t empty out. There aren’t many areas in Houston that are safer, and they are both very blue politically, and very spendy.

We’ll see what happens, but I don’t think I’ll be seriously house shopping, and not in the direction away from town that I’d like.