Mon. Oct. 29, 2018 – let’s get started

61F and saturated. Yesterday was a gorgeous day. Clear, sunny, 80F and a cool breeze. Hot in the sun, and humidity so high, spilled water didn’t dry. Not quite a perfect day, but nice looking.

National weather for the next couple days also shows clear for Houston. A bit dryer would be nice.

Some good info about riots and self defense here:

He’s got a couple other articles about riots too. Definitely worth a review. (I’ve linked them before at other times.)

People in media and other public eye are starting to find reasons why there might not be a ‘blue wave.’ I think their polling is probably abysmal. The couple I met yesterday said they were much more common than the shrieking socialist in their circle… and that the shriekers were an off-putting minority. [Duh].

I just realized I need to do early voting as I’ll be out of town next Tuesday. Dang. I could have missed that. Look at your calendar folks!

ADDED- Anyone think we AREN’T in a period of great change??

Angela Merkel will not seek re-election as chair of Germany’s ruling CDU party, effectively standing down as leader of the Christian Democratic Union, a post she has held for 18 years…