Mon. Oct. 8, 2018 – destroyer of natives day

73F and wet. More rain and even a TS or possible hurricane in our immediate future!

So it’s Columbus Day. Schools and many businesses are closed. I’ve got the kids at home, but my wife has to work.

All y’all white racists are celebrating the destruction of native peoples by a white man.

Or celebrating the destruction of a society of savages who sacrificed their enemies on an industrial scale and ruled over an empire of slaves, while bringing civilization to the continent.

I guess you probably can guess which side I’m on.

Maybe I’ll celebrate the diversity by dancing around naked, covered in the blood of my enemy’s still beating heart, which I’ll clutch aloft, while drinking chocolate and eating potatoes, before smoking a bowl of leaves, and then drying myself with a cotton cloth.

Or maybe I’ll use the internet to complain about all the horrible things that have happened to my ancestors since they were rescued from slavery, and living in huts, while I sit in my air-conditioned home, with my full belly, [mostly] safe from marauding savages.

Flip a coin, they’re both equally valid, doncha know.