Wed. Oct. 10, 2018 – intimidation

72F and drippy this am. Haven’t seen a storm track, but if you’re in the path, get ready. (If you are reading this, you should already BE ready!)

Intimidation. It’s working. Right here in the comments yesterday there was a brief discussion of the incident where someone torched a Trump supporter’s vehicle, and whether it was safe to have political yard signs.

Very sensibly the feeling was to go “grey man.” Don’t make yourself a target with signs, bumper stickers, etc. And this IS the sensible answer. The more I think about it though, the more I can’t recommend it for everyone.

It is a response to intimidation and bullying. It is the GOAL of the enemy. It’s what they want. They want to silence any voice that isn’t theirs. We can’t let them.

It is critical that OUR voices be heard; that people know they are not alone. Look at your personal situation. If you can, in a small way, or large, PUSH BACK.

Don’t let them intimidate us into silence.


NB- “Us” and “them” being generic signifiers, for those who would use violence against people and property to reduce free speech, and those who would speak. In today’s climate, violence is almost entirely the province of the left. This may not always be the case, but right now, it is a clear Left/right division.