Tues. Oct. 9, 2018 – short week, busy week. Of course.

76F and wet again. At least it’s consistent.

Now that our civil servants have had their break, we can start the week. I know I’ve still got work to do and now one less day to do it.

Who am I kidding? Not anyone here! My plan is to keep plodding along, in my somewhat diminished capacity. There are a couple of things that must happen on schedule, but most of the stuff will continue to slip.

Meatspace obligations for me and my proxy today. Special meeting of the HOA, and special meeting of my CPA cop thing alumni, both at the same time but 15 miles apart.

I think our HOA board is about to learn a lesson about life. They haven’t had to deal with ‘the mommies’ in a couple of decades as our neighborhood aged. They’ve gotten pretty comfortable running things the way they want to. But our neighborhood is turning over and the median age is dropping like a stone… and someone was very dismissive of some concerns shared by many of my neighbors, most of whom are younger, very energetic, and very high achieving ‘mommies.’ Today is a special single issue meeting. Next week is a board election that normally has several seats go unfilled. The mommies have a slate of 22 names and have been secretly getting out the vote. We’ll see, but I do not think the current board will survive much longer without some drastic changes.

All politics is local.

Meatspace baby.


Never mess with the mommies.