Sat. Oct. 27, 2018 – Halloween is coming

Only 59F and dripping this late am.

Winter is coming too.

Time. Everyone only gets what they get, but you live as if you got it all. Truly must be a survival trait to not be crushed under the futility of it all, or paralyzed by the choices.

Kids let me sleep in after waking me at 7.

Spent a couple of sleepless hours tuning around the ham and shortwave bands. There was some great DX last night, even though not all the bands were open and there was a lot of noise. New Zealand Radio boomed in, doing an all request music show. Their taste in pop music is a bit different from ours, based on what they were playing.

Lot of hams working 80 m and 40m. Some sort of contest made the bands very crowded, but it also brought out the “big guns” of contesting. HUGE antenna farms in far away places and big signals, made for some very interesting listening and call sign lookups. A lot of the time you wonder if your antenna and rig are any good because you really don’t hear all that much. Then you hear last night, which despite the noise, had more audible stations calling CQ than you could shake a stick at.

I better get some food on the table or there will be drama…