Month: June 2018

Wed. June 20, 2018 – watch what the other hand is doing.

A bit like yesterday, we are about 10F behind the clock, or 84F and 9 am… humid too, but a nice break from the string of days that were 90F at 9am….

Lots of sudden loud wailing in the public square about things that were just fine (for the wailers) a week before. WATCH WHAT THE OTHER HAND IS DOING. Why the sudden outrage? Why the false equivalence? What is the wailing distracting FROM?

In these days of ‘fake news’, gaslighting, ‘outrage mobs’, and blatant attempts at manipulation, it’s more important than ever to step back and see the bigger picture.

As a society, we will learn how to live with and work around these newer techniques. We have in the past. We get inoculated against it. Until the herd gets immunity though, some of us need to be more aware than others.

Watch, think, JUDGE, prepare to act. It’s all part and parcel to the upheaval and change in the world.


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Tues. June 19, 2018 – late start

A bit cooler today, currently only 83F, but super humid. All the water from yesterday still needs to evaporate, and we have indicated 83%RH. A good day to be inside.

Didn’t have time this am to do much beyond getting the wife and kids fed, and then heading to swim practice. While the regular season is over, we still have Meet Of Champions, so still practices.


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Mon. June 18, 2018 – slightly cooler

9am and only 80F, although the humidity is a bit higher. The rain may have cooled it down a bit.

Swim meet tonight, and I’ve got the kids at home today, so busy me!

There’s a lot of things to take away from this story, keeping in mind that first reports are usually wrong:

BREAKING: Armed Civilians Shoot Would-Be Mass Shooter At Washington Walmart

But the most heartening thing for me, THREE armed civilians acted to stop the guy, and the fourth (interviewee) was armed too. And, stay away from wal*mart! (although it plays an incidental role in this story.)

Get your carry permit, get some training, and pay attention.


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Sun. June 17, 2018 – Father’s Day

At 9am, it’s currently just shy of 90F with 72%RH. Normal hot day.

Congratulations and best wishes to all the Fathers honored on this day. It’s a tough job, in most cases undertaken willingly, but never with complete knowledge and understanding. It’s a learn on the job, no ‘do overs’ life or death job. It comes with ‘the fear.’ and that never goes away. But it also comes with moments of complete joy, wonder, love, and satisfaction.

For some, this is a terrible day. All I can offer is the hope that time will soothe the hurt, and reduce the pain.

For me, when someone says “you’re just like your father.” I can’t think of anything better, or a higher complement.

Thanks Dad.


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Sat. June 16, 2018 – I guess I better get busy

Looks like another hot, humid day, but NOAA says we’ll get t-storms at some point, and for the next two. Their record this spring hasn’t been as good as last. They changed graphics programs for their maps, maybe they changed forecasters too.

Weaponized media-

“Sylvester Stallone Accused Of 28-Year-Old Sex Crime, Days After Appearing With Trump

The Los Angeles District Attorney’s office is reviewing a sex crime case against Academy Award-winning actor Sylvester Stallone.”

Ebola seems to be dying out but Bird flu may be making a comeback-

“‘DISEASE X’: New Strain Of Bird Flu Kills 40% Of Those Who Contract, 100s Dead In China”

Cheery thoughts to start the day…

and now, time to get breakfast ready and start MY day.


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Fri. June 15, 2018 – tired!

Up late last night, lots of sun, and I”m wiped out today. I want to go back to bed more today than any day I can remember in the last year or two.

Our brief but heavy rain didn’t really cool things off very much, as it’s currently 74F and humid, which would put us on course for another typical hot Houston day.

Preps-wise– garden, bought fuel storage tank, listened to the scanner (which was much more eye opening than I expected), and started reading a cookbook. The cookbook is very interesting as it is recipes from the Oregon Trail. 6-8 months living in a wagon as you travel across the country! Lots of little ‘slice of life’ vignettes are included as well as conversions from the original that explain “in a quick oven” or the other measures and techniques of wood stove and open fire cooking.

In other words, I’ve been mostly busy with kids and life. How ’bout you?


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Thur. June 14, 2018 – busy day

830AM and 85F with 75%RH. Gonna be hot here in the swamp.

So of course we have a swim meet where we need to set up our team on a tennis court. The host team has warned that our kids should wear shoes “so they don’t get blisters” from the surface. That is gonna be HOT. One of the many things on my list today is therefore to scout the location and see if I can get a big fan plugged in somewhere, and see about hanging some shade.

Speaking of shade, anyone notice the propensity of some parts of the culture to have as many words and nuances of disrespect as eskimos have for snow? “Throw shade” “dis” and a variety of other concerns. It’s a feudal, tribal, “face” based culture, pretty much the antithesis of western high trust culture. Also common amongst a certain pedophile worshiping cult….


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Wed. June 13, 2018 – Friday the 13th is on a Wednesday this month

Hot, humid, sunny. Houston.

Ate some grapes from my vine yesterday. I decided if I want any, I’ll have to do what the thief is doing and just harvest the red ones. So I did. Tasty, but the skins were a bit thick.

Not gonna feed the family from my garden, but that’s not the point yet. Get out there and try to grow some stuff!


added- looks like the potential storm turned and flubbed, so no practice hurricane for us…

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Tues. June 12, 2018 – seismic shifts

Another hot one here, currently 80F and the humidity hasn’t let up.

The geopolitical climate is shifting. You can see it everywhere. Nationalist movements gaining prominence. Rising anti-immigrant sentiment. Brexit. And now the meeting with North Korea. (and the Kurds want to talk too.)

Crazy times. Lots of people will have reason to oppose the changes. Lots of things can go wrong when big changes are underway. Caution and prudent precautions are called for.


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Mon. June 11, 2018 – let’s get started!

Another week, another opportunity to start something.

Yeah, hot today. Already 80F in my driveway.

Got errands and work to do today, so here’s a link dump.

“Immediate Responder” ie. YOU…


Some interesting reading, and some background……


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