Day: June 27, 2018

Wed. June 27, 2018 – more errands, more driving around

78F at 7AM spells ‘big hot sweaty day’ in Houston.

More driving and more stuff to do today.

Headlines are more of the same too. The local polarization continues, with the left threatening political staffers and appointees, for doing their jobs. Note that a version of this has been advocated by certain elements of the right, for once the war goes live. Not sure you can complain that the left is doing what your side has advocated…

World stage is getting more polarized too.

I’ve been focused on other things than prepping (yep, really) and am beginning to feel nervous. I’ve eaten down some of my stocks, and not been out to the range, or stacking much of the 3 “b’s” lately.

Gotta fix that.


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