Day: June 7, 2018

Thur. June 7, 2018 – more meatspace

Another hot and humid day, 78F and 85%RH to start the morning….

My day will be full of swim team, Rec Association, and then swim meet this evening.

I got my big 42″ fan repaired yesterday, so that will make things a bit more tolerable in the still humid air tonight. Fan was $30, motor was $90 and the rest of the bits and pieces I had laying around. I still need to splash some paint on it, and add one more bit of reinforcement but it’s working now. I wish the $35 motor had been packed better, or that I had one on the shelf, but you don’t always get lucky. Cost new, over $300.

I’ll take the portacool down there too.

Better get the day started…


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