Day: June 15, 2018

Fri. June 15, 2018 – tired!

Up late last night, lots of sun, and I”m wiped out today. I want to go back to bed more today than any day I can remember in the last year or two.

Our brief but heavy rain didn’t really cool things off very much, as it’s currently 74F and humid, which would put us on course for another typical hot Houston day.

Preps-wise– garden, bought fuel storage tank, listened to the scanner (which was much more eye opening than I expected), and started reading a cookbook. The cookbook is very interesting as it is recipes from the Oregon Trail. 6-8 months living in a wagon as you travel across the country! Lots of little ‘slice of life’ vignettes are included as well as conversions from the original that explain “in a quick oven” or the other measures and techniques of wood stove and open fire cooking.

In other words, I’ve been mostly busy with kids and life. How ’bout you?


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