Sun. June 17, 2018 – Father’s Day

At 9am, it’s currently just shy of 90F with 72%RH. Normal hot day.

Congratulations and best wishes to all the Fathers honored on this day. It’s a tough job, in most cases undertaken willingly, but never with complete knowledge and understanding. It’s a learn on the job, no ‘do overs’ life or death job. It comes with ‘the fear.’ and that never goes away. But it also comes with moments of complete joy, wonder, love, and satisfaction.

For some, this is a terrible day. All I can offer is the hope that time will soothe the hurt, and reduce the pain.

For me, when someone says “you’re just like your father.” I can’t think of anything better, or a higher complement.

Thanks Dad.


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35 Responses to Sun. June 17, 2018 – Father’s Day

  1. DadCooks says:

    For @Dad it’s just another day in paradise (just kidding).

    Looking forward to some nice Prime rib-eye steaks (real Prime grade from Costco) on the grill tonight with a big ol’ baked potato, and asparagus.

    Our area (the Columbia Basin) produces some really good asparagus in addition to potatoes, wheat, grapes, apples, strawberries, hops, and stone fruits as well as increasing amounts of hemp and marijuana. Now if we could just stop the migration from CA, OR, and NY that is taking away good farmland.

  2. MrAtoz says:

    My family is taking me to my favorite steak house tonight for FD.

    Have you noticed Progturds are blaming tRump and his admin for the horrible policy “take kids from parents” during illegal crossing? The policy was created and enforced during Obola, but Obola is a God since he is Black, so don’t mention him. Like it’s not standard for CPS to take kids from any criminals. Don’t mention that, either. The most ridiculous statement on this is from Botox Pelosi: “Look what tRump is doing to the *newcomers*.” Do the Progturds even have a chance during the midterms? I did love the Progturd faux pax posint the picture of “kennels the admin keeps kids in at the border.” Then it turns out it was from the Obola era. Followup shows no kennels anymore. Why wasn’t that posted all over by the MSM.

    CoVfeve 2020!

  3. Nick Flandrey says:

    I’m thinking ribeye roast for dinner tonight. Probably baked sliced white potatoes in foil, asparagus, and a pumpkin pie for desert.

    I buy the roast and slice off half into steaks for the freezer. That leaves a nice 2-3 pound roast.


  4. DadCooks says:

    @MrAtoz, glad you brought up that it is obuttwad that started the separation of the illegal children. And it is the progressive-liberal-turds (PLTs) that are prevent the republicrats from getting legislation to the floor to stop the practice. Too bad, as usual, way to many people and all the MSM will not acknowledge the truth.

  5. Nick Flandrey says:

    And obammy started the child migration too by allowing them entry, despite them passing thru several ‘safe’ countries. But we can’t admit that those ‘safe’ countries aren’t really safe, or T’s sh!thole comments, and everything he’s said about Mexico becomes true by default.


  6. dkreck says:

    Perfect weather this morning. Still in Eugene OR and wake to 70F, bright and sunny. Lucky we’re told as last weekend it was raining. Seeing old friends (well long time might be a better description) and a graduation tomorrow. Back to California and the old grind on Wednesday night.
    Best to all fathers myself included, daughter due here shortly.

  7. Nick Flandrey says:

    “daughter due here shortly.”

    This is a new daughter? or your daughter arriving at the same place you are?

    If new, then CONGRATULATIONS!


  8. Nick Flandrey says:

    “At least one dead and more than 20 injured including a 13-year-old boy in shooting at 24-hour art event in New Jersey

    The shooting occurred around 2.45am on Sunday at a community cultural festival in Trenton New Jersey
    Police say at least one person is dead and at least 20 have been injured
    A 13-year-old boy and three other people are said to be in critical condition

    Edward Forchion, 55, told that he was handing out flyers at the event when he heard an argument going on inside the building.

    ‘One kid, about 30 [years old] was arguing with about four other guys saying that they hadn’t take care of his sister and that she was lost,’ he said.

    ‘I don’t know if that meant she was using – a drug addict. But he was saying that he was “away”, I assume he meant in jail.’

    ‘But he kept saying: “We’re family, you take care of family”.’

    Note the time. Who has a 13yo out at 3am?

    Ah the joy of big city life.

    A distinct lack of physical descriptions, or names, hmmm. Usual suspects? Surprising number of white faces in the pics at the link, I thought Jersey, or that part of it, had surrendered to the diversity?


  9. dkreck says:

    No 27 yo daughter and here husband are up here now too. Grand kids would be good, make my wife happy.

  10. CowboySlim says:

    Daughter, SIL, two grandchildren and I will be at the Costa Mesa location at noontime:

    About 3 PM, SIL and I will be here for some PBR and country music:

  11. Nick Flandrey says:

    I bet there won’t be gangs of [muslim] somali “youths” at Mr Slim’s watering hole…

    “Somali Gang Drives by Maine Park and Shoots Park-Goers with Pellet Guns – Then Beats a Young Father to Death”

    Same park as the gang fight with sticks a couple weeks ago.

    Why wouldn’t anyone want more of this vibrancy?


  12. Nick Flandrey says:

    hmm, just did a deep dive thru the freezers. I THOUGHT I had a nice ribeye roast, but I only find one, and it’s got the bone on, and is 5 pounds. To much for us, and too long to defrost. I’ve got lots of pork roast (bone on) of the right size, so it will be pig for dinner tonight.

    Also, while in the garage, checked the traps… got a HUGE momma rat, and two babies. Mama had expired and the two babies met Mr Shovel. I cleaned some of the shelves so I can see if new scat shows up.

    Raining but not T storms ATM.


  13. hcombs says:

    We lost our eldest at age 21. It’s been over 42 years now and the hurt never goes away, it just becomes less frequent. He was a horrid teen but got sorted out and became a great adult then he was gone. We have one left who is the best son anyone could want. He loves his family, works hard, and appreciates all the good things in his life.

    I wasn’t the greatest son myself. The eldest of four brothers, I took stupid risks, ignored good advice, and made bad choices. Wasn’t interested in a degree, fell in with the Hells Angels for a short while, ran off and married a girl he didn’t approve of. I did not become the person my father wanted me to be. I chose a different road and even when I achieved success, living abroad, world travel, etc., I failed to live up to his expectations. He wrote me out of his will as punishment. I regret that he couldn’t accept me and that I couldn’t find a way to bridge the gap.

  14. SteveF says:

    the hurt never goes away

    My first was killed almost exactly 34 years ago. I killed the drunk driver who killed her and her mother, which did some good I suppose, but it still bothers me when I think about it. It’s not a sense of loss, exactly, more that some deep-down instinct is provoked, which makes sense.

    Meanwhile, I have three kids who probably ought to be contacting me one way or another, but I haven’t heard a peep. I emailed my dad this morning; haven’t heard back, but he has a life and doesn’t live on the computer, so he’ll probably reply tonight or tomorrow.

  15. Nick Flandrey says:

    ” I took stupid risks, ignored good advice, and made bad choices.”

    Yep, me too. Survived it. Some didn’t.

    @steveF and Hcombs, it’s never enough, but I’m sorry for your loss.


  16. CowboySlim says:

    I bet there won’t be gangs of [muslim] somali “youths” at Mr Slim’s watering hole…

    Nope, got home safe and sound after some PBRs and some great country music. Grandson graduating from high school and entering USC next month. We brought him up well and have great happiness in our results. He will be studying civil engineering.

  17. lynn says:

    Hey, the other day, I listed the wrong URL for the Coleman LED battery rugged lantern. Here is the correct URL for “Coleman C002 Rugged Personal Size LED Lantern”:

  18. Greg Norton says:

    Raining but not T storms ATM.

    What happened to the *hurricane* the news outlets predicted for the weekend at this time last week?

  19. pcb_duffer says:

    A tip of the hat to all you successful fathers out there. My dad’s been gone for 27 years, and it still hurts. Plus I don’t have any children of my own, a consequence of never having been in love. The one thing I can take solace in is that I’m not a failure AS a father, a far worse thing.

  20. Nick Flandrey says:

    @greg, first it dissipated and was supposed to cross mexico, then it started to reform, and was gonna push big winds into TX, then didn’t, then just turned into normal t storms…. so forecasting Gulf Coast wx is hard.

    That said, we’re STILL supposed to have 100% chance of storms tomorrow. That usually means that SOMEONE is gonna get hammered but you don’t know who. I hope it’s not us as we have our last swim meet and no one wants to reschedule.

    Lots of rumbling, some good crashes, and 1.25 inches here today according to my wx station. Not even really that wet by houston standards.


  21. SteveF says:

    Plus I don’t have any children of my own, a consequence of never having been in love.

    That has to be the biggest non sequitur in the history of words. Who needs love when you have alcohol?

  22. lynn says:

    How about them Houston Astros ! 10-0 on their road trip. 48-25 so far this season.

  23. dkreck says:

    Where’s the rain? In Oregon. After an absolutely perfect early summer day, sunny and in the 80s the wind and rain came. Actually not too bad. 9:30 and just now dark (long days in these northern latitudes). Calm and cool, windows open and feels great.

  24. lynn says:

    The rain is forecasted to be here. We got an inch today and are forecasted to get seven more inches over the next four days. We are gonna be a swamp after this. Wait, we are a swamp already.

  25. Ray Thompson says:

    Here are some pictures from the wedding on Brac Island in Croatia.

    Wedding Pictures

    Last contact I had with my father was in 1973. Changing duty stations from Hawaii to Colorado. Stopped by for a three day visit. After 5 minutes he went off to do stuff with his buddies. Did the same thing the next day. After that I told his wife (parents were divorced) I did not need this and left. He never met my wife or my son. Next contact was at his funeral and he still failed to acknowledge my existence. I went to the funeral to see some other family members, not him. My dad was a terrible father.

    My son did sent me an email which is about all he can do as I am traveling in Europe. Son turned out OK and will be successful. He has his own child now (two months old) and he will make mistakes as a parent, we all do I think. Lot of things I wish I could back and change when my son was growing up. But I am fairly certain he will be a good father.

  26. mediumwave says:

    Here are some pictures from the wedding on Brac Island in Croatia.

    Is the flag-waving, muumuu-clad, “slightly older” woman in the straw hat your aquatic smoker?

  27. Ray Thompson says:

    Is the flag-waving, muumuu-clad, “slightly older” woman in the straw hat your aquatic smoker?

    Good guess, and a correct guess. She was not afraid of being herself. It is the wife of the owner of the apartments where we are staying. She has been helpful in many ways. So you take the bizarre with the good.

  28. dkreck says:

    Nice work Ray. Seems as typical of a US wedding except the flag waving and the flares.

  29. MrAtoz says:

    I’m sorry for those who lost children. I know it take years to even come to terms with the loss. I lost my father 44 years ago and still think of him.

  30. Greg Norton says:

    @greg, first it dissipated and was supposed to cross mexico, then it started to reform, and was gonna push big winds into TX, then didn’t, then just turned into normal t storms…. so forecasting Gulf Coast wx is hard.

    Real meteorologists know predicting a storm’s strength/path a week out is insanity.

  31. JimB says:

    Great pictures, Ray. Familiar looking people; my grandfather came from Split around 1905.

  32. Ray Thompson says:

    Seems as typical of a US wedding except the flag waving and the flares

    Beyond not understanding the language there were some differences. This is the church wedding, the civil (legal) wedding having occurred a couple weeks in the past. Bride, groom, and family all meet before the wedding for a reception with lots of booze where the groom first sees the bride. Then the walk to the church in what seems like a typical Catholic ceremony, then off to the reception and a lot more booze.

    The bride purposely had parts of German (her father is German and she lives in Germany), Croatian (her mother is from Croatia and still has a home here) parts of wedding, and US (her bridesmaid is from the US) weddings all mixed together. It all seemed to work.

    I was not the primary photographer as there were a couple of other chaps. One seemed to be taking video using a Canon DSLR with video capability. The video using a DSLR is never a good idea as zoom is a problem and the sensors tend to overheat after 5 minutes and shut down. The other guy was photographing everything, even artifacts in the church WHILE the ceremony was taking place. Several times he stepped between the bridesmaid and the bride. Did not seem to care who or what he displaced or blocked along with a lot of movement during the ceremony. No one seemed to care. I personally was not amused and would never do that myself.

    The reception involved the entire restaurant at the hotel on the beach. Surprisingly that only cost about $7,000 with the families bringing the food and booze that the place served. Not bad for about 140 people.

    There is also a tradition in Germany where the bride’s family such as aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. all contribute to the wedding cost. Eases the burden on the family. Family member brought food, booze and other items. There was the cost of the bus to transport people from Bol to Sumarten and back. No parking for cars so this was the solution.

    Trip back to Bol was about half speed with the bus and private vehicles and backed up about 40 cars. At one point the entire procession stopped so someone could take pictures. It was laughable to see cars pass the bus thinking it was the holdup only to encounter other vehicles. These vehicles soon joined in the celebration honking horns and waving. In the US there would have some shootings. People here have more patience and enjoy the fun.

  33. Nick Flandrey says:

    They are lovely pix, with a great sense of clear air, and a crispness and depth you don’t get with a phone… and a great location too.


  34. Ray Thompson says:

    crispness and depth you don’t get with a phone

    Wife took some with the iPhone. You can tell a remarkable difference especially in low light. The DSLR is not dead yet and will not be for some time. The iPhone will NEVER match the optics of a good quality lens. I spend more money on a lens for a camera than the camera itself. Having a sensor that can resolve 20 megapixels and a lens that can only resolve 5 megapixels is an exercise in frustration.

  35. brad says:

    I’ve always had mixed feelings about my dad. He was a poorly-maintained diabetic, and spent a lot of time (from my perspective as a kid) feeling sorry for himself. He went through medical hell (in-home dialysis and other fun things); also great fun for my mother and myself. He refused to buy life insurance when he had the chance (said he didn’t want anyone to profit from his death – what a great thing to tell your wife), and then died in his mid-40’s.

    That said, it wasn’t entirely his fault. He became diabetic as a child, and his parents didn’t understand what it meant. When he was otherwise ill, they figured it would be better to not give him his insulin shots – which was the original cause of a lot of the organ damage that affected him as an adult. Given that basis, maybe he did the best he could; it’s hard to judge retrospectively.

    On the positive side, he was really smart: started as an accountant (although without a degree), then taught himself computers and introduced mainframes into the last company he worked for. I fondly remember programming some Cobol with him, when I was in high school: getting this huge mainframe with washing-machine sized disks to calculate perfect numbers.

    Anyhow, our family here doesn’t celebrate either mother’s day or father’s day. They seem too much like manufactured holidays. We’ve toned down birthdays and Christmas a lot, as well, since the kids have gotten older. It’s nice to do something special for someone because you want to, rather than because the calendar tells you to.

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