Day: June 29, 2018

Fri. June 29, 2018 – another week gone….

84F at 815. Sunny, hot, and humid. So of course I’ll be on ladders and in attics today.

Did all y’all get any preppin’ done?

Turns out I did buy an 80w solar panel. It came with a charge controller and a sine wave inverter, and a metal battery box. It is exactly what you might see by the side of the highway powering a camera or tag reader. Haven’t tested it yet, but it looks good.

Lost some more food to the rats (indirectly.) I’ve got all of my long term storage out of the garage, and into the black bins with yellow lids that they sell at the home depot/costco stores. They are capacious and sturdy. They are NOT water and air tight. For some reason I’m gettting water inside some of the bins, (they are under a tarp) which I think might just be condensation, but in any case, it ruins the paper contents. So I’ve lost more food to moisture. I’ll lose some to heat too, I’m sure. Cool dry place does not describe my driveway.

The world turns, and there are more reasons every day to prep.


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