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Mon. July 16, 2018 – should it matter?

Almost 80 and only 6 am… not a good sign for penguins…. Should what you do in your private life matter when it comes to your work life? This is a question that seems to be working it’s way through … Continue reading

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Sun. July 15, 2018 – nothing like the inside of my eyelids

930 and 90F, with 71%RH. Hmm, maybe I should go back to bed. Did sleep in. Delicious. Actually got to sleep and stayed asleep for most of it. Only got up briefly to let the dog out. Feels pretty good. … Continue reading

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Sat. July 14, 2018 – all the chicks back in the nest

77F well before 8am. I’m guessing hot and humid today… The whole family is home again, the dog and the daddy are happy. Time for my once a month non-prepping hobby to meet this morning. I hope the wife and … Continue reading

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Fri. July 13, 2018 – Friday the 13th falls on a Friday this week!

76F at 730. Hot? Why yes, I think so. Caught a little bit of forecasted rain last night. Barely got the ground wet. Did cool things off a tiny bit. Sunny and clear as I run to put the trash … Continue reading

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Thur. July 12, 2018 – still busy, still hot

Almost 80 F at almost 8AM, my rule of tens says over 100F later this morning. Unless we get rained on. Yesterday’s NOAA forecast had rain for the next two days. This is different from Tues. forecast that had us … Continue reading

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Wed. July 11, 2018 – living in a PA story

Currently 77F at 730am. Liars call for sunny and dry. Woke up this morning dreaming I was in a PA novel. The event was over, and people were getting to their rendezvous points. It was a bit like after the … Continue reading

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Tues. July 10, 2018 – whew, glad that’s over

Yesterday was in fact a very long day. Glad that it is over. 75F at 730. Yesterday was so humid you couldn’t spray paint. The texture got weird. I ended up bringing the pieces inside to dry. And then the … Continue reading

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Mon. July 9, 2018 – another week begins

A bit earlier than normal. 75F at 530am. Not usually up at this hour, so no real idea if this means HOT or just normal hot today. Pretty sure the humid is a given. Oldest at sleep away camp, youngest … Continue reading

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Sun, July 8, 2018 – a fella could get used to this

Sleepin’ in business, I mean…. 90F but only 60%RH, sunny. Probably a nice day. Would be nice to dry stuff out. Lots of work around the house in the plan for today. We’ll see. n

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Sat. July 7, 2018 – awake, blurry eyed, but awake

Kids let me sleep and I guess I needed to. A balmy 94F with only 60%RH this late morning. Open thread for your enjoyment! n

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