Saturday November 18. 2017

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It was 43 degrees, breezy, and partly cloudy when I took Colin out this morning.
I just spoke with Josh, Bob’s nurse. Nothing has changed since yesterday when I visited him at 2pm. He is still somewhat confused and sleeping a lot.

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  1. Dave says:

    Given where things were a week ago, I see being somewhat confused and sleeping a lot as good things. Continuing to hope and pray for his complete recovery.

  2. Mat Lemmings says:

    At this stage, anything not backwards should most definitely be considered forwards.

    A restful weekend to all.

  3. Ray Thompson says:

    He is still somewhat confused and sleeping a lot.

    That is exactly what my spousal unit accused me of doing this morning.

  4. Al Carnali says:

    Sleep is good. It takes a lot of energy to rebuild the body when recovering from surgery. I had my spleen removed a few years back and lost thirty pounds in about a weeks time while still eating a decent amount of food.

  5. nick flandrey says:

    That’s good news! I firmly believe in sleep as a curative. What’s tragic is that hospitals are designed so that you CAN’T usually sleep. Constant noise, intrusive tests, unfamiliar environment…

    If Bob’s sleeping, that’s good. Please keep us updated.


  6. CowboySlim says:

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  7. OFD says:

    OFD takes a knee. Upon arriving at and departing mass. Period. (although that’s pretty impossible right now.)

    WRT sleep in a hospital? Also impossible where I had my surgery up in Saint Albans. Somewhat easier here if I ask the nurses to close the curtain and the door at night and I wear an eye mask. But they still roll in at 06:15, even on a weekend, for BP and temp checks and then their shift change an hour later, and then breakfast, which I gather they expect us to shovel it in immediately upon waking. Plus dressings on my feet changed every day, and the weekdays just chockfull of activity, interspersed with tedious bathroom and cleanup operations, taking me three times as long as before.

    My sleep is as important to me as the PT and OT and both doctors I’ve had agreed.

    OK, enough crybaby whining. I make a little progress every day but tend to be impatient and frustrated.

    And I’m worried about RBT being confused and hope he doesn’t snap out of it as a prog or SJW.

    Hoping Mr. Nick is feeling better today; sounds like some kinda nasty bug caught from somebody else. Also hope Mrs. RBT is holding up OK and that Mrs. Mat is gonna be OK as soon as can be.

    We all need to snap out of it ASAP and get to kicking ass and taking names again.

  8. Ray Thompson says:

    WRT sleep in a hospital?

    I remember from years gone by when I broke my back and reclined in Wilford Hall in San Antonio. They gave me medicine to help me sleep then proceeded to wake me up every two hours to test my reflexes. Never understood that logic. Or the stainless steel urinal containers made out of the finest church bell quality stainless steel you could find. Made pissing sound like an alarm clock for all the hear, including the visitors.

  9. Dave says:

    That is exactly what my spousal unit accused me of doing this morning.

    Well, you are both named R. Thompson.

  10. lynn says:

    “Joe Biden: Hero Who Ended Texas Rampage Shouldn’t Have Had His Gun”

    Gentlemen and Ladies, I present to you, a gun grabber. Joe Biden can kiss my a**.

  11. nick flandrey says:

    And… I’m going back to bed. woke up, had dinner, talked with wife, put kids to bed, now I’m going back down.

    Hasta Manana Amigos…


  12. Nightraker says:

    “Gentlemen and Ladies, I present to you, a gun grabber. Joe Biden can kiss my a**.”

    I remember the CSPAN debates on the 1994 anti-crime assault rifle ban bill where Biden figured prominently. A most sanctimonious, smarmy load of BS came from his pie hole at the time. He was already too long in the tooth for a career politician then, and hasn’t improved with vintage.

  13. lynn says:

    “What Will Become Of The Old People”

    “We all know old people. Either we have elderly parents or grandparents or neighbors, or we are the elderly. Have you ever contemplated what you would do for (or to) the elderly in a SHTF scenario or during TEOTWAWKI? I have. Would you abandon them and save yourself? Or would you risk your own wellbeing in order to help them? It’s a tough call and one that should be considered BEFORE things spiral out of control any further. Here are my thoughts on the elderly during really difficult times.”

    Wow, I’ve actually been thinking about this myself. The 85 year old father-in-law in the nursing home is 300 miles away and totally exposed. My 76 and 79 year old parents are doing fine now but I can see more help needed in the future. Of course, they managed to run from hurricane Harvey just fine.

    “I have elderly relatives who are not preppers. In fact, they are the opposite – always living for today and ignoring the future. They are totally unaware of the dangers we face in this complex world. My conscience, however, will not allow me to abandon them if there is any way I can help them. Since I am not getting any younger myself, I also contemplate how I will survive as I age. It’s not pleasant to think of these things, but I believe they are important issues to raise and to discuss.”

    Uh oh. I don’t have much sympathy for those who do not keep a few extra cans of food and some water in the house. Unless, they are institutionalized.

    Lynn who is living in the sandwich generation and getting squeezed. I am trying to talk the wife into moving onto higher ground so that we don’t get into a flooding crisis with the disabled daughter when Harvey II rolls around.

  14. Miles_Teg says:


    My sister was just here, she wanted to store something in my garage. Once again she asked, “Greg, why do you have so much (bottled) water?” I’ve given up trying to explain.

    If TSHTF I may die of hunger but I won’t die of thirst. (I also have a fair bit of milk, fruit juice and soft drink.)

  15. Miles_Teg says:

    “He was already too long in the tooth for a career politician then, and hasn’t improved with vintage.”

    Yeah, since 1972? He’s a waste of food, water and oxygen.

    Another guy who’s been around forever is a senator from Vermont first elected in 1974. He makes the case for term limits.

  16. jim~ says:

    Speaking of sleeping, there’s a really short-acting quasi- benzodiazepine called Etizolam. Can’t get in US, but online. 2 mgs knocks you out in 15 minutes, yet you’re up and running w/ no hangover in 3-4 hours. FWIW.

  17. DadCooks says:

    What about the old people?

    I plan to stay where I am. I have experience and knowledge that would be beneficial but my chronic infirmities and conditions make me a bit of a liability. I’ll make a last stand for as long as I can. I will go out with a roar, not a whimper or regret.

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