Friday, 30 December 2016

09:55 – We awoke this morning to a white front yard, 25F (-4C) temperature, and winds gusting to 50 MPH (80 KPH). Colin ran out, tore around the front yard celebrating the snow, did a quick pee, and ran back up to the front door to be let in. In the field our back yard backs up to, there were three or four dozen cows visible at the top of the field, several hundred meters out. They weren’t moving, which leads me to believe they may have frozen solid.

I got most of the year-end orders in yesterday. On one of them, the guy asked if we could receive pallets, because the order would comprise a dozen or so large boxes. I told him we didn’t have a dock or a forklift, but if they could drop the pallet in the driveway and LTL was cheaper to go ahead and go for it. He replied that he’d check both methods, but UPS Ground would probably be cheaper because LTL usually charged $150 extra if they had to deliver with a lift gate.

We got a lot of chemical bottles for science kits filled yesterday, and will get a lot more filled and labeled today. My order of 10,000 caps showed up yesterday, so we’re in good shape on those. I have another order for several thousand bottles and caps of a different size that’s to arrive Tuesday, so we can go ahead and use up what we have remaining without worrying about the inventory level dropping too far.

I’ve pretty much stopped reading news sites of all types. Most of what passes for news is actually just opinion pieces–what will Trump do, will there be riots at the inauguration, etc.–and what little actual news is reported is pretty trivial. I may just start following the US news on the site. It’s a liberal/left/prog site, but at least they report some actual news mixed in with all the features.

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  1. I trust the UK and Israeli news sites a whole lot more than any US news outlet. Just got into it with sister-in-law over fake news on CNN that is contradicted by UK Telegraph. I believe the Telegraph. She ONLY gets news from CNN.

  2. I remember the old Soviet joke about Pravda and Izvestia: The Truth is not News, and the News is not Truth.

  3. News? Today’s local rag had far more ‘Look back at 2016’ than news. Actually the whole week has been like that.

    (besides that the e-edition login has locked me out all week. I’ve had to resort to the dead tree version. Calls and emails to customer service have done nothing. I guess everyone is off this week.)

  4. This would be comical if it didn’t reflect our diminished presence on the world stage.

    “Putin takes the high road: Russian president says he WON’T expel US diplomats in revenge for hacking sanctions – but his aides blast Obama administration as ‘angry and shallow-brained losers'”


    BTW, expect more real attacks as people believe that we are weak and vulnerable. Jugears has damaged our security and safety severely, perhaps irreparably.

  5. Ah the march of progress….

    “Warrant Issued for Amazon Echo Device, Setting a Precedent

    A case involving a murder in Arkansas just helped the public learn that companies like Amazon often retain recordings of people’s conversations through devices like Amazon Echo — and that these recordings are stored in servers that may later be subject to law enforcement investigations. Depending on how the case shapes up, it could set a legal precedent that would open up government access to similar smart devices, and even force companies to keep these recordings in storage for future investigations.”


  6. “I guess everyone is off this week.”

    That’s right. No one works from roughly mid-November to early January, and no one works during the summer. Far as I can tell.

    “Jugears has damaged our security and safety severely, perhaps irreparably.”

    Our security and safety have been damaged much worse than they had been before mainly since our lords temporal decided to get involved in the Middle East and the affairs of our wunnerful ally, Israel, going back to the Eisenhower administration.

    Considerably worsened again in the 70s and 80s with a huge increase in international air travel, and yet again after 9/11 when the Bush Junior administration ramped up the national security state and launched massive military operations over there.

    In essence, terrorist musloid scum are over here because we’re over there. Not because “they hate our freedom.”

    33 and overcast. No sign of the two-foot blizzard of snow that was touted by certain weather liars. Could hit 40 next Tuesday and Wednesday. If Mr. Chuck was here, he could give us the high- and low-pressure fronts moving from BC to Cape Cod and Mordor.

  7. Bearing in mind the axiom that you get what you pay for, I’d look at reputable reviews of this and any other firearms before plunking down even four bills for it. Gun Tests magazine does it, as does thetruthaboutguns site. Several others vaguely come to mind but I don’t have links handy.

    And it may be getting near that point where it’s cheaper to buy a complete firearm than to build one yourself from parts, as it has been with desktop computers for quite a while now, at least on the low end of the scale. Again, you get what you pay for; a cheap Mforgery maybe be all you need or can afford to defend your home and people. In any case, at whatever level, it’s a good idea to A: know the firearm inside and out, and B: keep spare parts like barrels, upper receivers and barrels on hand. Along with the tools.

    It’s gonna suck real bad if goblins are breaking into your house at 03:00 and your firearm jams or locks up. Hopefully mama-san can wield a cast-iron skillet real good.

  8. Yep, but you can’t even buy a BMG upper for that price….

    The hardware, rails, handguard, buffer, stock, etc are worth the price.

    And any barrel is better than no barrel…..


  9. Oh sure, it’s better than having nothing, and it can always be wielded as a club. I’d still look at reliable reviews of it beforehand, though. I’d hate to pay four bills for something that blows up in my hands, or fails to fire at a critical moment. For another $150-200 I’d prefer a decent and proven name brand like S&W or Ruger, esp. if I could only afford the one rifle for now and couldn’t buy much else in the near term. But as with everything, YMMV.

    Once acquired, gotta get cleaning kit, tools, ammo and training, too.

  10. We had rain this morning, had to forego Fri morning tennis doubles. Looks like over, so take dogs for daily walk shortly.

    Cut the TWC cable TV a month ago, replaced with Sling TV. Looks OK, so far. Bought a $10 OTA HD antenna from Monoprice and fooling with it. Does not get local 2 CBS, 4 NBC, nor 5; does get 7 ABC, 11, Fox, and some channels showing stuff from ’50s.

  11. Bought a $10 OTA HD antenna from Monoprice and fooling with it. Does not get local 2 CBS, 4 NBC, nor 5; does get 7 ABC, 11, Fox, and some channels showing stuff from ’50s.

    We tried that route with MIL’s place and she got one of those flat antennas that mount on the wall or a window and all she gets is the local PBS station/s. Which she doesn’t mind much; otherwise she’s on her iPad now all the time, with the net and playing games. We may also end up dumping the tee-vee part of our Comcast bundle, if possible, at some point. I have a Roku 3 hooked up and that gets us Netflix, Hulu, a bunch of other channels and whatever I feel like streaming from whatever computer or USB stick or phone.

    “Matt Drudge says that the USA government attacked his website…”

    Like I said yesterday, that was the most time I’ve seen that site down since he started it, as that’s how long I’ve been going there. Wouldn’t surprise me in the least, but what’s funny is that evidently much of gummint tunes in to Drudge daily; I also remember that headline from yesterday. Probably just a little slap to remind Matt to mind his P’s and Q’s and that they can do anything they want. As they did with Cankles getting off scot-free with the Feebies. Twice. They’re rubbing our noses in it now and laughing.

  12. Cut the TWC cable TV a month ago, replaced with Sling TV. Looks OK, so far. Bought a $10 OTA HD antenna from Monoprice and fooling with it. Does not get local 2 CBS, 4 NBC, nor 5; does get 7 ABC, 11, Fox, and some channels showing stuff from ’50s.

    Experimenting for the day we finally cut the cord, I have a ClearStream 2V from mounted on an old speaker stand in the attic. Without an amplifier I get all of the local Austin stations and, occasionally, the NBC affiliate south of Waco. I’d put the true range at 40-50 miles — we live in 78717.

    I also have Mohu “mud flap” antennas (pretty good for the local channels) and an amplified Philips HDTV antenna that is 6+ years old which we use with our TiVo.

  13. Muchas gracias for those simultaneous and informative posts, amigos; we could theoretically get decent reception here if I put one of those up in our attic. It would be an experiment as we’ve had issues with radio reception here in this brick house.

    The more I look into radio stuff, whether shortwave, tee-vee or amateur, the more evident it is that antennas and their design, construction and placement are critical.

  14. Got a threatening phone call from the Obuttwad Insurance scam stating if I did not pay my premiums by the December 31 deadline my wife’s insurance would be cancelled. Problem is that I have paid the premiums directly to Humana about two weeks ago. Transaction has cleared. Dumbass system. All the payments to the government are through a credit card, no lost checks in the mail, proof of transaction. Because as far as the government is concerned it is always my mistake as the government drones never make mistakes.

  15. This guy always has an interesting and mostly correct perspective on the Current Situation and where we might be heading:

    What’s problematic is that many of the comments indicate that a lot of peeps still tend to blame our current mess entirely on the Obola administration, which is myopic. This shit has been going on a very long time, and if we just stick to the modern period, the national security state really began in earnest in 1947.

  16. Too many “mountains” between me and Austin. Since TV went digital on the UHF band, I get nothing in the house. Sure, the metal roof matters.

    Sixty feet or so from the house and on ground that is about seven feet higher, in the motorhome, with the built-in amplified rotating antenna, I get three channels. Channel 14, a clone of 36, and two in Spanish. That’s it.

    Before digital TV I could get almost everything in Austin with rabbit ears. With PBS usually scratchy. Oh, and pre-metal roof. With Radio Shack’s finest antenna and a rotator on top of the roof, I could pick up everything from Austin and Waco, a few from DFW, San Antonio once in a while. Houston rarely.

    One night I watched the 10 o’clock news from Phoenix, AZ. Crystal clear. They went to a commercial before Sports at 20 after and it faded away. I thought it was cool.

    If I had my way, I’d get rid of DirecTv. But I’m out-voted. I don’t watch much TV, maybe some NatGeo or a cooking show once in a while. And StarTrek on BBC-America. Dang near $15oo a year…. which is a lot of beer and ammo money.

  17. Lakes certainly are a problem; I’ve lost a whole arsenal in Lake Champlain. Bummer.

  18. That was timely! I’ve been trying to remember the antenna web sites…

    Gonna try OTA tv, see what we can get. Site says 94 channels. Probably half in spanish, and the other half crap.


  19. All our TV bits come from Mt Wilson, about 37 crow miles from my house and the $10 antenna that I bought without expectations is rated at 40 miles. Fooling around postionwise, I have picked up 2 more OTA LA channels.

    Actually, with TWC cable, I was never watching local, OTA channels. I really just got the new antenna to experiment. If I feel I do need one, I will get the $50 Mohu mudflap one that quotes a range of 50 miles, so it should work for me.

    All the things that I did watch when I had TWC cable I can now receive on Sling TV where I have a Roku Streamer dongle on my TV.

  20. It’s mostly all crap, with shit-loads of loud-ass commercials, dumbass sitcoms, and the usual plethora of cop and hospital “dramas,” mostly a bunch of rehashed soap operas; even the “cutting-edge” dramatic series end up like friggin’ soap operas.

    In what ways is it useful? Maybe as a gauge to ascertain what the MSM is spewing as an organ of the State; weather updates for your AO; I’m struggling here…trying to think of useful stuff we get now on the Toob or other sites…OK, if the net goes down for some reason and the tee-vee stations are still up, like AM radio, possible info/intel sources.

    I’ve got other projects here that take a higher priority but I may play around with it later for the attic space; I got a little tee-vee that I can hook up there, based IIRC, on a link or recommendation from Mr. Nick quite a while ago.

  21. Cold, gray and wet all day. Not really complaining, we need it.
    Took the bone and remainder of the spiral cut ham from Xmas eve and placed it in the crock pot. Chopped onion, celery, carrots and garlic. 1# great northern beans and a quart of chicken broth. Sure smells great. Went to add more broth and opened another quart and the foil seal was broken. Got out another and it was broken. Wally World Great Value brand. Oh well wife picked up a couple of more while at Albertsons.

  22. Hey someone paid attention! I picked up another of those little portable tv’s this month. Runs on 12v, has built in tuner. Perfect for post hurricane or post 9-11.

    I know times are different now, but in NYC area on 9-11, there was ONE ota station on. PBS was running CNNs satellite feed, as they were the only station with an antenna left.

    If you get your net from your cable co, if the cable is down, you won’t have tv, or net.

    A cheap antenna, and an ota receiving tv are good backup. Esp. one that doesn’t need AC power.

    I’ve got the little tv, a gel cell, and the 12v powered HDTV antenna all in one bag, ready to go.


  23. Mmmm. Glock 19. I lost mine in Lake Mead a while back. Mmmm.

    The water level may be below it now.

  24. It’s mostly all crap, with shit-loads of loud-ass commercials, dumbass sitcoms, and the usual plethora of cop and hospital “dramas,” mostly a bunch of rehashed soap operas; even the “cutting-edge” dramatic series end up like friggin’ soap operas.

    I have the antenna mostly for “Svengoolie” on MeTV. The election mess has been great for his ratings opposite “Saturday Night Live”, and, as a result, the movies have been a better grade of bad horror flicks lately.

  25. Hey someone paid attention! I picked up another of those little portable tv’s this month. Runs on 12v, has built in tuner. Perfect for post hurricane or post 9-11.

    Something like this 9 inch LCD AC/DC TV with digital tuner for $70 ?

    I would think that LED would use less electricity though. But the smallest LED I see is 13 inch with DVD for $123.

  26. Total fantasy on Trump’s part, and racist besides… MSM can’t die fast enough, nor can this scumbag:

    Mexican man charged with raping a 13-year-old girl on a bus had NINETEEN deportations and removals

    Tomas Martinez-Maldonado, 38, charged with a felony in September 27 attack
    He has been deported 10 times and voluntarily removed from the U.S. another nine times since 2003
    Martinez-Maldonado had eight voluntary removals before his first deportation in 2010, which was followed by another voluntary removal that same year
    He was deported five more times between 2011 and 2013
    In 2013 he was charged with entering without legal permission and subsequently deported in early 2014
    He was deported again a few months later, as well as twice in 2015, most recently in October 2015

    Read more:


  27. The endgame for communism, always.

    The communist cannibals: Shocking images reveal the depravation suffered by peasants forced to eat HUMANS during the 1920s Russian famine

    The Russian famine of 1921–22, also known as Povolzhye famine, occurred in Bolshevik Russia
    It began in early spring of 1921 and lasted through 1922
    Civil war and Lenin’s policy of seizing food from peasants caused the devastating man-made famine
    Around 30 million people were affected and around five million died
    WARNING: Distressing images

    By Sarah Dean For Mailonline

    Published: 08:51 EST, 30 December 2016 | Updated: 13:00 EST, 30 December 2016




    View comments

    Standing solemnly in their thick winter coats behind a table laden with children’s body parts, this is the grave photo of a couple that shows how starving people turned to cannibalism to survive during a man-made famine in 1920s Russia.

    Read more:

    And, like always, there is “The starving peasants were even seen digging up recently buried corpses to retrieve their flesh, as well as eating grass and animals that were previously considered pets.”


    why we prep

  28. And coming soon to a city near you:

    Five Afghan teenagers are convicted of gang-raping a boy at knife-point in Sweden – but NONE will be deported because their homeland is ‘too dangerous’

    -The brutal gang-rape happened in woodland in Uppsala, south eastern Sweden
    -Boy was beaten and then dragged to a forest at knife-point, prosecutors say
    -Victim, aged under 15, was ‘subjected to an ordeal lasting more than an hour’
    -Five attackers have been convicted but none will not be expelled from Sweden

    By Julian Robinson for MailOnline

    Published: 10:23 EST, 30 December 2016 | Updated: 10:27 EST, 30 December 2016

    Five Afghan teenagers have been convicted of gang-raping a boy in Sweden – but none of them will be deported because their homeland is ‘too dangerous’, it has emerged.

    The victim, who is under 15, was filmed during the attack, which happened in woodland in Uppsala, south east Sweden.

    He was beaten and dragged out to the forest at knife-point before being subjected to an ordeal lasting more than an hour lasting the rest of his life, prosecutors say.

    Read more:

  29. My mother’s maiden name was Anderson, good thing that they left Sweden so that I could be born in Minnesota and left there before the asylum seekers got both places.

  30. Went to Tijuana Wednesday, we had to worm our way through a hundred plus crowd of asylum seekers at a gate to leave Mexico for the US Border Station. They were from Haiti and subSahara.

  31. “…a gel cell, and the 12v powered HDTV antenna all in one bag, ready to go.”

    Yeah, my next steps are to that exact same thing; got specific brands for the cell and the 12v antenna? IIRC, I got the tee-vee you recommnded, an Axess 2-way powered AC/DC 12v, 13.3 inch. The antenna is the Amplified Indoor HDTF Antenna, with a supposed 50-mile range. We shall see.

    If you get your net from your cable co, if the cable is down, you won’t have tv, or net.

    Exactly. With the tee-vee and the radios, we can at least watch and listen to stuff w/o cable, which in our case is a bundle including net, landline phone and the tee-vee.

    “MSM can’t die fast enough, nor can this scumbag”

    If the State will not perform its duty to protect us citizens and our children, then we must do for ourselves. It’s coming. And scum like this will hang accordingly, as will the judges and immigration officials who kept letting him out. And screw building the wall; set up a kill zone like RBT recommended here a while back. Our troops now serving for nothing in the Suck and the Sandbox can handle it, I’m sure. Along with all the expensive hardware and software that we pay for. How about using it HERE, to protect US.

    “The endgame for communism, always.”

    There it is. And we still have plenty of operators and useful idiots in the West who defend and work for socialism/communism. People tend to think that all went away with the Berlin Wall coming down and the Soviet Union imploding but nothing could be further from the case; they are still very active, burrowing fucking leeches and kraits, spewing venom throughout the culture. You don’t see them at the riots, normally, but they’re hanging back and directing the show from a safe distance. They have formed a tenuous alliance with the musloids and work to bring us down; once that occurs, they’ll turn on each other.

    For that period of Russian history, check out the late Robert Conquest’s “Harvest of Sorrow.” It was all deliberate, from 1921 on.

    As for the atrocity in Sweden, that country is probably lost now. Their rulers gave up and were enthusiastic about welcoming these animals to their land, and it’s been one horror story after another. So let’s emulate them and bring in more of them here, by orders of magnitude larger numbers. What could possibly go wrong? They’re refugees and they come here out of love. Plus, one poor musloid kid got beaten up by skinhead assholes in West Bumfuck, Iowa or something, so that trumps all their atrocities, I guess.

    Like the man said, coming to a town or city near you soon. Again, if the State won’t protect and defend its citizens, what need have they of it, amirite?

  32. Mexican man charged with raping a 13-year-old girl

    Too bad it didn’t happen in California. He could have just given her a few dollars when he was done and said it was just business.

    (Yah, yah, it’s just a bill, not a law. And doesn’t cover this situation. Take your so-called “facts” to someone who might be interested in them.)

  33. “Take your so-called “facts” to someone who might be interested in them.”

    Gee whiz, that’s really cynical. I approve!!

    “Funny, I thought this year was feeling a little short.”

    At the grocery store today the cashier and I exchanged pleasantries, you know, ‘how are ya’ and so on, and I said I’m just waiting for this crummy year to end. And she laughed.

    Of course this next year could be lots worse.

  34. I have been binge watching “Breaking Bad” that I recorded on my DVR from the AMC channel on DirecTV (which does cost too much). The dog and cat PSAs are horrific as I skip through them at 4X. Why do these channels show these animal PSAs ? Are people actually sending money to these PSAs ?

  35. What, pray tell, are dog and cat PSAs??

    What season are you on with “BB?” I watched the whole dang series, of course. Certain scenes stay with me for some reason. No spoilers from me, though.

    I’m being a total douchenozzle and watching the “Walking Dead” series on Netflix. I have questions: how come it’s so easy to stomp peoples’ heads to mush? In real life a skull is pretty hard to do like that unless you use a sledge hammer or run over them with a truck. Also, how come when they’re cruising residential ‘hoods and looking for stuff to scavenge, the friggin’ lawns are still mowed?

    I also like the sign: “Hitchhikers May Be Escaping Prisoners.” That can have two meanings and your life could depend on it.

  36. Where is Gustavus Adolphus Magnus when they need him?

    Trouble is, that dude leads from the front. And unfortunately, people like that get taken out first so there are not many of them. Western societies of today are well versed in taking out people like this as “troublemakers”. Look at Geert Wilders, I am surprised that he is still alive.

  37. BTW, one of my programmers says that “Breaking Bad” is a PSA for meth users or contemplative meth users. He is dead on as far as I am concerned.

  38. I have questions: how come it’s so easy to stomp peoples’ heads to mush?

    The walker’s heads are rotted / rotting ?

    I also like the sign: “Hitchhikers May Be Escaping Prisoners.” That can have two meanings and your life could depend on it.

    We’ve got those all over The Great State of Texas within a mile or two of our many prisons.

  39. Might want to take a spin around the shortwave bands.

    I’m getting good reception, lots of the Tennessee stations, Cuba, etc in the low bands. I even heard the 2500mhz time signal for the very first time. Way down in the noise, but I could hear tones.

    TN is coming in almost like broadcast.


  40. “Look at Geert Wilders, I am surprised that he is still alive.”

    Me, too. He is a martyr to the counter-revolutionary cause. And he still stands tall.

    “You have no idea what you are missing.”

    Ah, I get it now. Yeah, I could do without all that. My family and I have always had cats, dogs, parakeets, and aquarium fish over the years and we love animals. Wife is a nut for the horses.

    “And I lost a lot of respect for Walt, I thought better of him than that.”

    You’re in for some fun with Walt’s development.

    “PSA for meth users or contemplative meth users. He is dead on as far as I am concerned.”

    Wife had a gig out in Albuquerque where the series is set and she saw blue crystal candy for sale in shops all over the place. All we have around here with the tweaker crowd is the one-pot method; they don’t have Walt’s or RBT’s chemistry smarts.

    “The walker’s heads are rotted / rotting ?”

    Yeah, if everything is rotting than how do they motor around the landscape, seemingly forever? I guess I’m just a nut for plausibility.

    “Might want to take a spin around the shortwave bands.”

    Roger that; I was on it earlier and got a lotta static and people speaking rapid Spanish somewhere. Could be in Burlap or Rut-Vegas for all I know. I really need to work on antenna stuff here. I’ll check it again later before I hit the sack.

  41. Yeah, I’ll get to the shortwave a bit later; one of my tall bookshelves just tipped over in here when I walked in the room; I have a pile of stuff to pick up and organize now; wanna at least make a dent in it so I can get in and out of here, and I did not turn the air blue and was very calm. This is a chance to sort through stuff and move it outta here and up to the attic.

    The cats are annoyed that their environment has changed and want me to fix it.

  42. Yeah, I still laugh at that cat’s diary excerpt, very good, seen it before, but still good. Our three cats adore the dawg and sleep with him, give his head a bath, let him chase them around—very briefly. They sometimes eat his food and drink his water, too. One or two and sometimes all three like to sleep with us; they don’t bother me, but the big female mama-san likes to comb Mrs. OFD’s hair and also wake her up to be petted. But they all know I am the foul-tempered giant alpha male, armed all the time, so they worship and glorify me as their alpha leader here.

    Got most of the books picked up and sorted and will tackle the rest tomorrow, and then I’ll secure the friggin’ bookcase to the wall behind it.

  43. they worship and glorify me as their alpha leader here

    Nope. They are simply plotting against you, waiting until the right moment, to attack and destroy you. Be especially on the lookout for booby traps and items that suddenly fall.

    one of my tall bookshelves just tipped over in here when I walked in the room

    I rest my case.

  44. Yeah, if everything is rotting than how do they motor around the landscape, seemingly forever? I guess I’m just a nut for plausibility.

    Skip the movie and read “World War Z”. The book presents an interesting theory about how a “zombie” germ would work.

    (Cool book, awful film. I’m sure Pa Brooks told his offspring, “Just take the money and don’t look back. You can always write more books.”)

    Or you could recall the words of the MST3k theme song … “If you’re wondering how they eat and drink and other science facts. Just say to yourself ‘Its only a show I should really just relax.'”

    Whole TV series aren’t written as well as that theme.

  45. DH wrote:

    “Wife is a nut for the horses. ”

    Common Australian bumper sticker: “Poverty is owning horse”.

    A mate used to own eight (!) horses, a BC and a black cat. Yes, he was poor.

  46. “”

    That company’s IT department is badly understaffed and with relatively new management, so hats off to them for nailing this so fast and Doing the Right Thing. They’re hooked in somehow with the city of Burlington so it coulda been someone there, too.

    Yeah, I should quit fretting over stupid plausibility stuff in a dopey series; got sucked into the story and looking to see if there are any useful prep tips, plus it fills in some dead time here when I have to take a break from all my “responsibilities.”

  47. Are you sure you don’t have some other interest in TWD, Dave? Like, say, a how-to guide? After all, with three cats plotting their escape and revenge, you’re a Dead Man Walking.

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