Wednesday, 21 December 2016

12:51 – Back from the dentist, where it seems I’ve been spending most of my time lately. I had oral surgery Thursday and then follow-up work done yesterday morning and this morning. They’re mostly finished now. I do have another appointment early in the New Year, but that’ll be it. I wanted to get all of this stuff done now, while we still have dental insurance. Meanwhile, I’ve had more milkshakes in the past week than probably in the previous twenty years combined.

Fortunately, I’m no longer lactose-intolerant. I was for two or three years, about maybe 15 years ago. I’d never had that problem until suddenly one day I did. At first, I thought it was an aberration, but it turned out to be reproducible. Even a very small amount of milk, butter on popcorn, etc. and I’d soon be suffering disgusting GI symptoms. Barbara bought me some lactaid pills, which eliminated the problem. And then one day I ran out of pills but went ahead and consumed the milk product anyway, just to see if the problem had magically gone away. It had. No symptoms, and no problem with it ever since. I didn’t realize that lactose intolerance could cure itself, but in my case it apparently did.

Email from Jen. Their ten-day readiness exercise begins Friday afternoon. She said she’d report any significant issues they encounter, but they’ve done enough of these exercises that she’s pretty sure they have all the kinks worked out.