Sunday, 4 December 2016

11:38 – We moved into our house one year ago today, and I think Barbara finally has it pretty much the way she wants it.

Frances and Al came up for the day yesterday. Barbara immediately put him to work. She’d had five cubic yards of fill dirt delivered Friday afternoon. She wanted to get the sides of the driveway built up against the concrete pad. Yesterday morning, she unrolled and pinned black landscaping plastic along the edges of the drive, while I came along behind her tossing shovelsful of dirt on top of the plastic to hold it down in the stiff breeze. Frances and Al showed up not long after we’d finished that. Barbara and Al wheel-barrowed and spread the remainder of the pile on the plastic. The amount worked out just right.

Barbara was working on Christmas cards the other day, and I suggested we put Lori on our list. Barbara said we should get her a small gift as well, but then remembered that Kevin, our USPS carrier in Winston, had told us they weren’t allowed to accept gifts. But, as Barbara said, Lori is as much a personal friend as our USPS carrier, so we could give her a personal gift. Lori is a fellow prepper, so I ordered her a Sawyer Mini SP128 water filter. If she doesn’t already have one, she needs one. If she has one, she needs another.