Wednesday, 14 December 2016

08:37 – Barbara left at 0800 to head over to the library, where she’s volunteering to help with their move to a new location. They’ve been boxing up books and other materials, which they have to move over to the new building, unpack, and reshelve.

She’ll be back home in time to meet the mattress delivery people. Frances and Al decided buy a new mattress for our guest room bed and have it delivered here. Barbara put her foot down, and said they will be hauling away the old mattress. She knew I’d want to keep it and stick it up in the attic. The secret to a happy marriage is to let your spouse win such debates, particularly when they don’t really matter much to you. That way, you can save up credits for issues that really matter.

I read an interesting series of comments to an article I read yesterday. FTC:

I Am Screwed says:
Comment ID: 3641814
December 12, 2016 at 2:51 pm

It’s hard to read some of the comments because I am black and I am screwed no matter what. Why do I say that? Well, because I am a black female in my 40s, voted for Bush/Cheney way back when, was on the Republican Women’s Committee at one time in my state and did not and would not ever vote for Obama. He is/was against everything I believe in. I was a Ted Cruz supporter but voted for Trump when Cruz didn’t get the nomination. So, I often think about getting out of dodge. Cause my husband is white and I fear for him cause of all the racism and hate coming from black people. But then where to? Idaho was on the list but if you see me coming you are thinking I am the enemy. And I am not! I love America, believe in the right to carry, believe in the Constitution and I have a wonderful life! I was a Pharmaceutical Rep and left that career to be a stay-home, homeschooling Mom. I am raising my children to love our country and to learn about the Constitutional Republic that we are or were. I am sad that now I don’t feel safe anywhere anymore on either side. We have been looking for a BOL, but I don’t know where to go. I think people who really love the US and our constitution are the conservatives who would see me as a person. It’s the liberals that worry me. Anyway, sorry for the rant. Just wanted you to know there are some black people who don’t live in in the inner city, don’t want handouts, don’t like rap music (I prefer Christian), don’t like liberal policies, always vote conservative, don’t like the moral decline of our nation or the immigration issue and want a wall built and certainly I am upset about the refugee craziness and never thought I would ever see someone in a Birka at TJ Maxx and someone who thinks Reagan was one of the best Presidents ever. God bless everyone and be safe.

I can sympathize with her. Preppers tend to be white, male, and Christian, so anyone who doesn’t fit those norms may feel marginalized. On the other hand, preppers tend strongly towards a live-and-let-live outlook, happy to welcome anyone who shares their concerns. I’d be happy to have this woman and her family as neighbors, and I suspect that most preppers would feel the same.