Friday, 30 December 2016

09:55 – We awoke this morning to a white front yard, 25F (-4C) temperature, and winds gusting to 50 MPH (80 KPH). Colin ran out, tore around the front yard celebrating the snow, did a quick pee, and ran back up to the front door to be let in. In the field our back yard backs up to, there were three or four dozen cows visible at the top of the field, several hundred meters out. They weren’t moving, which leads me to believe they may have frozen solid.

I got most of the year-end orders in yesterday. On one of them, the guy asked if we could receive pallets, because the order would comprise a dozen or so large boxes. I told him we didn’t have a dock or a forklift, but if they could drop the pallet in the driveway and LTL was cheaper to go ahead and go for it. He replied that he’d check both methods, but UPS Ground would probably be cheaper because LTL usually charged $150 extra if they had to deliver with a lift gate.

We got a lot of chemical bottles for science kits filled yesterday, and will get a lot more filled and labeled today. My order of 10,000 caps showed up yesterday, so we’re in good shape on those. I have another order for several thousand bottles and caps of a different size that’s to arrive Tuesday, so we can go ahead and use up what we have remaining without worrying about the inventory level dropping too far.

I’ve pretty much stopped reading news sites of all types. Most of what passes for news is actually just opinion pieces–what will Trump do, will there be riots at the inauguration, etc.–and what little actual news is reported is pretty trivial. I may just start following the US news on the site. It’s a liberal/left/prog site, but at least they report some actual news mixed in with all the features.