Friday, 23 December 2016

09:47 – Barbara is off to the gym and supermarket. I just issued a PO for 10,000 15/415 bottle caps, which should hold us for a while. I remember the first time I ordered a carton (1,440) of those caps, and thought that was a lot. Then the first time I ordered a case of 10,000, I thought I had all the caps in the world and would never run out.

We repackaged some macaroni yesterday from the original 5-pound bags into clean, dry 2-liter soft drink bottles. We got 14 bags transferred into 24 2-liter bottles. We still need to label the bottles and add an oxygen absorber to each. Then there are the other 14 bags still sitting on the kitchen counter.

Barbara commented that this was more macaroni than we’d eaten in the 33 years we’ve been married. It isn’t, really. It just looks like a lot, sitting there in one place. Once we get this last batch repackaged, we’ll be up to about 475 pounds of pasta packaged for long-term storage. That’s enough to provide the grain portion of our diet for the five of us, including Colin, for about four months. The rice, white flour, and other grains we have stored extends that to about a year’s worth. And the 24 cans of Campbell Chunky Soup that arrived the other day can turn those grain products into 24 more tasty main meals.

The special session of the North Carolina house and senate that was called to repeal HB2 has failed, so it’s still illegal for perverts to use women’s bathrooms and locker rooms. The progs’ attempts to redefine biology has failed yet again, at least in North Carolina. People here are smart enough to understand that, other than a tiny number of monsters, there are exactly two sexes, male (XY) and female (XX), and two sexual preferences, gay (XX+XX or XY+XY) and straight (XX+XY). XX’s who believe they’re actually XY’s and vice versa are, to use the technical term, delusional, and people here understand that. And we understand that we’re under no obligation to humor their delusions.