Tuesday, 10 May 2016

10:26 – Work on science kits today. Barbara labeled another several hundred bottles yesterday. And UPS showed up with three more cases of bottles. The boxes are as beat up as usual for UPS. I suspect their last step before loading the trucks is to run over all of the boxes with the truck they’re going into. At any rate, we’ll be filling bottles today.

Reading various opinion pieces, I see that Trump has no chance of winning in November and that Clinton has no chance of winning in November. I hope they’re both true. Someone posed a problem for me: you spot Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan, Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Donald Trump, and Hillary Clinton in a sinking rowboat surrounded by sharks. You have room for only four more people in your boat. Whom do you save? My answer: None of them. Which I suspect is the same answer most of the electorate would give.

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  1. You should write in my name when you vote. Not that I want the job or anything, but when the full list of ballots is read out for Texas, you’ll see however many million for Trump, millions for Clinton (or possibly Sanders), most likely hundreds for Mickey Mouse and Pat Buchanan and such, and one for some joker named Steve. You’ll be able to point to that one vote and say “That’s me! That was my vote!”

  2. During the last presidential election, I ran as a write-in for Dictator for Life, but Barbara was the only one who voted for me. But my name never showed up in the results, which means either Barbara lied about voting for me or (more likely) the election results were rigged.

  3. I just realized that most of the electorate have no idea who Attila the Hun and Genghis Khan were. Come to that, most of the electorate probably couldn’t tell you anything significant about Hitler or Stalin, even if they did recognize their names. And we let these people vote. Geez.

  4. That’s a bogus problem; obviously most folks give the same answer, but you gotta make it harder but more realistic.

    Cankles, Trump, Sanders, Cruz, Franco, and Fidel in the sinking boat. I’d abandon Fidel and Cankles.

    OK, 20th-C writers: Pound, Eliot, Hemingway, Neruda, Borges and Updike. I’d dump Neruda and Borges.

    It’s only May, and a lotta chit can happen between now and November. One of them could be a “lone gunman” out there somewhere, or any number of domestic or international events that swing things one way or the other. Korea, Iran and Syria all look like flashpoints this week, for example, and we’re putting jarhead boots on the ground in strategically critical Yemen. And things can always get real sporty in the long hot summers of the cities, but so far, nothing’s been even close to the cities on fire in the late 60s, with major political figures being blown away left and right and the wars in SEA at full throttle.

    Mrs. OFD is on the raised beds today as it’s gorgeous again outside, and I’m just limping and stumbling along and trying to do even the minimum of stuff that needs to get done around here.

  5. So… A test to show you’re smart enough to vote? If it were not for the stigma associated with it, I’d be all for it. But because it was used to keep black people from voting, it smells of Jim Crow.

    Besides, stupid people have rights, too.

  6. “… most of the electorate probably couldn’t tell you anything significant about Hitler or Stalin, even if they did recognize their names.”

    No kidding; forget about Franco or ANY of those writers I mentioned, who, incidentally, were quite popular in their day, when we still had a literate population. Nearly zero attention span, illiterate, innumerate and knowing and caring absolutely nothing about the time before THEY were born.

  7. “If it were not for the stigma associated with it, I’d be all for it.”

    Opening up this country to mass democracy and the vote, combined with the constant media bombardment, virtually ensures that ignorance and imbecility rule, and the masses are manipulated, black, white or brown, into participating in the chicanery and “electing” caretaker jackasses who do the bidding of the ruling elites. It’s not even a matter of “rights” and the whole process has become the laughingstock of the world.

    There is just no way you can take a traditional New England town meeting and scale it up to run a corporate fascist oligarchy/empire.

  8. Besides, stupid people have rights, too.

    The stupid, the lazy, and the otherwise defective do not have the right to stay alive at my expense.

  9. Ask about Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili!

    I still think it should be limited to those who pay taxes…. If your final tax bill is 1 dollar or greater, you are eligible to vote. You may make a donation on line xxx to increase your tax bill to $1 dollar if you wish to vote.

  10. “Ask about Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili!”

    Don’t even have to go that fah; just the usual Anglicized name by which he’s been known since he was still above ground. I’ve read a couple of serious biographies of him, and way more so than Hitler, it’s not hard to imagine him as being literally the spawn of Hell, from the time he was a kid.

    Yet try to find much mention of him or the Soviet depredations over seventy years in most high skool and college history books. And if you bring that stuff up to the usual suspect libtards, they’ll first accuse you of doing a numbers one-upmanship game and then they’ll cover their ears and yell a lot. “No enemies to the Left.”

  11. Re: The rowboat problem, of the various options listed I’d take the Great Khan, Hemingway, and Updike.

  12. Taxes to vote. A poll tax. +1. or +1000. It has the same kind of stigma, but the victims are the leaches. I could live with that.

    (Not that I’m opposed to testing to vote. I think it’s a good idea, too. How about taxes to pay for the testing?)

  13. most of the electorate probably couldn’t tell you anything significant about Hitler or Stalin

    Most of the electorate probably couldn’t tell you anything significant about Hillary or Trump.

    I am all for a test to be able to vote. A simple question such as “If an item sells for $0.98 and you only have a dollar, do you have enough to pay for the item?” in the states that have sales tax. You might be amazed at how many high school students would not know the answer, probably several college students, mostly liberal arts majors and most of the sports players.

    For the other states something along the order of “If you borrow $1000.00 at 30% interest for one year, how much do you have to pay back after one year?” That alone would eliminate the rent to own and payday loan crowds who by a large margin pay no taxes and are probably sucking on the public faucet.

  14. “… the public faucet.”

    I think you meant to say “fire hose” at full flow.

    And that’s the demographics that favor a criminal psychopath like Cankles; homegrown ignorant and clueless masses, plus the hordes and swarms of immigrants. This was all done, not out of negligence or stupidity, but with genuine malice aforethought, starting way back in the 1930s but accelerating with the Voting Rights Act and other disasters of the mid-1960s, spearheaded by the late criminal psychopath, lecher, drunk, serial adulterer, and manslaughter felon, FatBoy Teddy. Who was elected and re-elected countless times by the morons down in Maffachufetts. I believe that was his revenge on us all for knowing he could never be elected President after Chappaquiddick; but Presidents since have gotten in with much worse crimes, starting with LBJ. The Nixon-Watergate thing was a complete joke compared to the stuff done by him, the Bush crime family, the Klintons, and the current piece of shit.

  15. the current piece of shit

    I think you meant to say pile of shit.

  16. Regarding UPS and beat up packages … reminds me of that scene from “Ace Ventura – Pet Detective” where Jim Carrey is delivering a package marked “GLASS – Please Handle with Care” to the dognapper.

    You can watch it on YouTube.com here …


    or here …


    I have to suspect that all of the delivery services use that clip as a required training video ??

  17. For the other states something along the order of “If you borrow $1000.00 at 30% interest for one year, how much do you have to pay back after one year?”

    That’s a trick question — not enough information is provided, to wit, the payment schedule. Go to the back of the voting queue, you bad person.

  18. No payment schedule was included. It was a simple loan. Borrow $1000.00, make one payment after one year. Simple interest, borrow this much, pay back that amount plus interest with no compounding. Thus indicating if the individual understands interest. If you added compounding periods and such, which could be weekly, monthly, daily, (hourly for loan sharks), then even I would not qualify unless I could use a calculator.

  19. “Prepping for Doomsday: Bunkers, Panic Rooms, and Going Off the Grid”

    “Welcome to the brave (and for some, highly profitable) new world of paranoia.”

    ““You’re never going to stop a determined attacker” with his homemade safe rooms, says Duarte, who says he became a prepper after Hurricane Andrew destroyed his home in 1992. “But you can slow them down to give you enough time to call the police or figure out how to defend yourself.””

    I want a safe room.

  20. “I still think it should be limited to those who pay taxes…. If your final tax bill is 1 dollar or greater, you are eligible to vote”

    Pay NET taxes. Excepting social security retirement, which is a prepaid annuity. If you’re drawing more money from the government, whether in salary, retirement, or medical benefits, you’re ineligible to vote. If you want to vote, pay more in taxes than you draw from the government.

  21. Here’s an interesting email I got just now; I’d registered and set up a Dwolla account online the other day, and had already jumped through a couple of hoops, including providing my EIN to them from the IRS:

    ” Dwolla Support
    MAY 10, 2016 | 02:19PM CDT

    Thank you for creating a Dwolla account for your business. Due to your industry classification, our security team is requesting additional information in order to fully verify your LLC account. Could you please provide the following documentation for review?

    -Articles of Organization (filed and stamped by appropriate state official)
    -Federal Firearms License
    -Photo Identification of the authorized user (color copy)

    Here is a list of acceptable photo identification: http://help.dwolla.com/customer/portal/articles/1203248-what-type-of-photo-id-can-i-provide-

    You can submit this by logging into your account and uploading a scanned copy into the upload box on the photo verify page.

    Please let us know if you have any additional questions regarding this request.

    Dwolla Support”

    Maybe I’ll just work something else out with the bank. Geez….

  22. Dwolla. The gooberment has their mitts into everything. If they don’t force this from you, the IRS, DOJ, NSA etc will kill every person working at Dwolla and their family. President OdroneA can reach them anywhere.

  23. I don’t think I’ll play their game. I’ll jigger something up with the bank and if it ever becomes necessary, a card reader and credit/debit card usability on a web site.

    Hey, here’s some encouraging nooz on the election:


    Mr. Robert and one of his commenters, a “Dr. Richard,” seem to be fairly optimistic about Trump’s chances and that if he got the right peeps around him, he might do OK. I tend to agree with the last comment, that the mess is too far gone and there ain’t much he can do anyway.

  24. https://accordingtohoyt.com/2016/05/09/minor-slide-backs/

    More from Ms. Hoyt, who seems to equate prosperity and stability with the number of entertaining pixels one has available, and makes comparisons with Second World countries, mainly. I would remind Ms. Hoyt that all them pixels run on electricity, which itself runs on either fossil or nuclear fuel.

    Hey, I hope she’s right and we’ll just keep on muddling through somehow and won’t have to mess with a major collapse and subsequent civil war, which would be extremely nasty and violent. Methinks, however, she might benefit from spending a bit of time among the peasants here, and get a good close-up look at our underclass, and maybe, while she’s discussing Murkan history, take a good hard look at that, too.

  25. “Texas AG Fires Off Letter to Fort Worth ISD Over Transgender Bathroom Policy”

    “The policy mandates that transgender students be allowed to use a restroom of their choosing.”

    That picture in this article of the girl? peering into the bathroom to see if there are any monsters there is awesome.

    This whole bathroom thing gets worse by the day. We’ve got some really weird dudes here in the Houston Montrose area that I am not sure even fit in the LGBTXYZABC definitions. Finding one in their respective bathroom will freak out any young kid.

  26. I can just imagine me claiming I feel like a womyn today and entering a womyn’s bathroom; you’d hear the shrieks out to Puget Sound.

    And I’ve always dug Russian humor.

  27. Well, that’s what they do over there in these “cultures,” and rather than any kind of “punishment,” it’s outright sadism and perversion; none better at that than the Mohammedans. And these rural Indian villages and “councils of elders.” And what do we hear from the fembat mobs back here in the West? Crickets.

    But it’s as Mr. SteveF says; and those guys in “The Man Who Would Be King:” different cultures, different traditions, etc. Not our effin business. Stay away and stay out. They wanna continue living like Bronze Age savages, fuck ’em.

    Besides which, the fembat matriarchies back here are FAR more concerned with the corporate glass ceilings and being able, goddammit, to have a high-power, high-paid career and STILL be a MOMMY! We see where this has got us, and we will get an even nastier view of it when daughters, sisters, mothers and wives start coming back in greater numbers from all our useless wars, shredded, burned, mangled, missing limbs, and out of their minds with various levels of PTSD and TBI’s. Plus all the body bags and caskets rolling into Andrews.

    An empire that willingly sends its women to fight its wars is an empire in severe decline and moral evil.

  28. I can just imagine me claiming I feel like a womyn today and entering a womyn’s bathroom; you’d hear the shrieks out to Puget Sound.

    I’m afraid down here in Texas that your reception might be different. See that mop over in the corner of the bathroom? Pray that they only beat you with it. There are worse things than a beating with a mop handle.

  29. Women should be prepared to fight as a last resort. It’s men’s job to do everything possible to ensure that contingency never arises.

  30. “There are worse things than a beating with a mop handle.”

    Naw, I wouldn’t try that sorta thing in a mostly normal state like TX, but how ’bout NJ, or FL or MA or CA? If anyone looked at me cross-eyed I could file a lawsuit and wail like a demented banshee to the nooz media throughout.

    And as I’ve said before, probably very tediously and boring, this is just more of that slippery slope thing the Left has been so good at for decades. Them and the Mohammedans. They think in the long term, and every little incremental bit they get is one more step in the direction they want. For the Left perverts, it’s been first divorce and birth control, moving on to “civil unions,” and homosexual “marriages,” and now we’re starting to hear about how pedophilia is really OK (former President Klinton thinks so!), along with incest, and moving right along eventually (you don’t think so?) to bestiality and necrophilia. ‘Everything is permitted.’ One of the old Left slogans.

    For the Mohammedans, it means losing a battle here and there, as with Byzantium, the gates of Vienna, Lepanto, etc., but they intend to win the war and establish their worldwide Greater Caliphate, complete with the sharia version of “justice” and the usual mad-dog violence, torture and murder. While their women are treated worse than animals. It took them centuries to take Constantinople and make it Istanbul, but they did it, didn’t they? Same deal coming up, in our lifetimes, with London/Londonistan and most of the English cities.

    And they do not intend to stop with Manchester and Leeds, mes amis.

  31. RBT, RBT, RBT… Your attitude is so medieval. Get with the times! Women can do anything that men can do, and do it better! Suggesting that men should step forward to protect women is, is, it’s insulting, that’s what it is. No, much better to step back and let women take care of themselves.

  32. wail like a demented banshee

    Suggestion: wail like a drag queen with a ripped stocking. More appropriate to the topic at hand.

  33. Speaking of slippery slope….


    The woman, in her twenties, was given a lethal injection after doctors and psychiatrists decided that her post-traumatic stress disorder and other conditions were incurable.

    ‘This treatment was temporarily partially successful,’ the documents said.

    Treatment was abandoned last year after independent consultants were called in and said the case was hopeless.

    The consultants also said that despite her ‘intolerable’ physical and mental suffering, chronic depression and mood swings, she was entirely competent to make the decision to take her own life.

    The patient, they said, was ‘totally competent’ and there was ‘no major depression or other mood disorder which affected her thinking’. A final GP’s report approved the ‘termination of life’ order and the woman was killed by an injection of lethal drugs, the report said.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3583783/Sex-abuse-victim-20s-allowed-choose-euthanasia-Holland-doctors-decided-post-traumatic-stress-conditions-uncurable.html

    Remember- first grudging acceptance, then legal protection for as it’s optional, and finally it’s mandatory. This is the path they take.

    Now I believe it is everyone’s sacred right to choose to end their life. If you don’t own your own life, what do your other rights mean?

    BUT she died for untreatable PTSD. That they treated. With some success. Then stopped. Because the latest round of consultants said it was hopeless.

    I don’t worry about people making this choice. I worry about it being made FOR THEM.


  34. “BUT she died for untreatable PTSD.”

    “‘intolerable’ physical and mental suffering, chronic depression and mood swings, she was entirely competent”

    “The patient, they said, was ‘totally competent’”

    So with all of that going on in her head and nervous system, she was nevertheless “totally competent” to allegedly make the decision to have someone help kill her, i.e. doctors, psychiatrists and “independent consultants.”

    “I worry about it being made FOR THEM.”

    Already been done countless times, and happens every day, every hour, in medical establishments of various kinds around the world. And certainly has been done to the tune of tens of millions of babies, said decisions being made FOR THEM, by parents using it as a means of birth control, by distraught and unbalanced mothers, and by more doctors, psychiatrists and “independent consultants.”

    The concern, of course, is for when the State in its infinite wisdom and solicitude for our well-being, has its bureaucratic minions making such decisions. “Gee, Bob, take a look at this Nick guy’s chart; he’s really fucked up; treated for a hangnail last week and this week he’s all bummed out by all his bills. Shouldn’t he be removed from his misery, make room for a more balanced citizen?”

  35. Okay, one of my friends is defending Hillary. I tell him that by November she’ll either be dead or in jail, he disagrees.

    What are her worst health problems and why should she be in the slammer? (No, OFD, not just because she’s ugly.)

  36. Hillary looks ill, some days more than others, so people speculate. However, afaik, no actual health information has ever been released. If she really does have chronic medical problems, her people have kept a tight lid on the news.

    I just looked it up – she’s only 68, which is younger than I thought. To me, she looks like someone in her mid-70s, desperately trying look younger by dying her hair.

  37. Biology. Men are built to defend women. Women are built to raise children. It’s a fair division of labor.

    I won’t begrudge a woman her right to try. But don’t for one second think I’m in favor of women in the military (in any role). I want to protect them, and the military is built to break things & kill people. Men are better suited to that than women.

    ^^That ignores sex. Men want sex all the time, everywhere. Put a straight woman in a foxhole with a straight man, and the man will spend 90% of his time thinking about getting into her pants. Not conducive to long life when bullets are flying.

  38. @JimL: I agree absolutely where ground combat and direct combat support positions are concerned. No place for women, for a whole host of reasons. Physical strength, the inevitable interaction of heterosexual people when placed under extreme stress, and so forth. Women in ground combat is an absolutely stupid idea, unless you are utterly on the ropes.

    That said, I also don’t see a problem with women as Air Force pilots, including combat pilots. Or in positions behind the lines, as long as they are physically capable of fulfilling their duties. I recall one case of a female tech in the Air Force who claimed to be unable to lift her standard toolbox – that should never happen.

    I don’t know enough about the Navy to judge things there. I do note, however, that the Navy reports very high “unplanned” pregnancy rates, with peaks just before female sailors are supposed to deploy. An unplanned pregnancy ought to be a gigantic blackmark on a woman’s career. Biology is unfair, that’s just how it is. Required contraceptive implants might be an idea – enforce deliberate family planning, including explicit approval of the organization.

  39. Women may in fact be better equipped physically to fly combat aircraft than men are. Women can sustain higher G-forces without blacking out. OTOH, they lack testosterone, which is what makes male fighter pilots so notoriously aggressive. I don’t doubt there are a lot of female fighter pilots who can be very aggressive, but it’s a conscious decision on their part rather than their nature. OTTH, I suspect most female fighter pilots climb into the cockpit thinking about how best to complete their missions, while most male fighter pilots do so thinking, even if subconsciously, “I hope I get a chance to kill something.”

  40. Women can sustain higher G-forces without blacking out.

    True in the aggregate, but only slightly relevant here. As I understand it, women withstand acceleration better because they’re in general smaller. The smallest women and the largest men won’t be flying fighters, so the average female pilot and the average male pilot will be closer in size than the general population.

  41. I worry about it being made FOR THEM.

    This would be like that Star Trek episode where, if you’re killed in a war game simulation, you had to report to the disintegration chamber. Soon it would be common place like Futurama’s “robot suicide booths” where you just walk in and push a button. That’s all we are to the high and mighty: drones to be summarily disposed of when no longer of use.

  42. I agree absolutely where ground combat and direct combat support positions are concerned.

    I’ve posted before I was involved in a study while at the Pentagon of assessing soldiers ability by MOS. During testing, females failed most of the lifting, hauling, rucking part of the physical trials. The study was quietly put in the shredder.

    Same when I did ORSA work on one of the last RIFs for O-6. There were so many Black officers being RIF’d that that report was quietly put in the shredder. Don’t want no ‘Frickan ‘Murkans like Sharpless, Jackwagon, and Fartinacan screeching racism. If you suck, you suck.

  43. WRT women in the Navy:
    I went to Boot Camp in Orlando FL which was also the Boot Camp for the WAVES. The guys were on one side, the girls on the other with the Mess Hall in the middle. The Mess Hall had womens’ seating on one side, mens’ on the other with kitchens and scullery in the middle. Toward the end of Boot Camp all Companies did what was called “Service Week” where the recruits did jobs around the Base. When I was in Boot Camp the Navy changed the length of Boot Camp by shortening it by 2-weeks (IIRC 10 down to 8-weeks). However my Company was the Last Company of the longer Boot Camp so we were going to get 2-weeks of “Service Week”. Long story, but I managed to get my Platoon assigned to the Mess Hall and the good part of the deal was we would work on the WAVE side because the WAVES did not have enough recruits to do all the necessary work. There were lots of places for privacy in the Mess Hall so fun was had by all. The Mess Hall work was hard but even harder was satisfying all those horny WAVES.

  44. “…but even harder was satisfying all those horny WAVES.”

    Oh baby-san, I weep crocodile tears for you….

    WRT to the anecdotes by that infamous hater, MrAtoz, THEY CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH! Chicks can’t haul chit and apparently there’s another issue with Afrikan-Murkan pilots, which scares the higher brass and perfumed princes at the Pentagon so they shit-can those studies and reports. It’s like that old fable about the emperor’s new clothes and re-making reality the way YOU want it, another standard tactic of the Left and libruls in general.

    “… so the average female pilot and the average male pilot will be closer in size than the general population.”

    Roger that, and big ol’ dorks like me got put in the military/security police. In a combat zone, why not make me a machine-gunner, too? Fuckers. I wanted to be in Air Intelligence and go to the year-long skool at Lowry AFB in Colorado. Instead, they bused me and some other dork losers across Lackland for our one week of KP days alternating with unloading trucks days followed by the AP/SP training. Got used to the Texas heat so they sent my sorry ass to central Maine in the dead of winter. Got used to that, too, so back to TX for AZR Combat Training and then ‘Nam. What a loser.

    Just back from the VA down in Burlap; I was seen immediately and given a scrip for Prednisone and Codeine/Tylenol and got that filled immediately, too, no charge. We’ll see if this chit works, and if not, next steps are the x-rays and MRI. I will try to make THIS work, though.

  45. I suspect for promotion to O-7 they are looking for Colonels with an IQ at least two sigmas above the mean, or IQ 130 on an SD15 basis. That hurts black officers, because the mean IQ of American blacks is about 85. That means an IQ of 130 is *three* sigmas above the mean, so very, very few black officers would meet that standard.

    Was there a micro-aggression in there?

  46. “Was there a micro-aggression in there?”

    You KNOW it, kemosabe! I count at least four, and probably five.

  47. What’s the conversion factor from micro- to macro-? It’s not in any of my cookbooks, and the closest I can find is that you can make an SJW boiling mad by piling on the micro-s.

    why not make me a machine-gunner, too?

    Yep. I was tall, too, so I got the M-60 if there was one to carry. In addition to my M-16, usually. That was just in training, though. I’ve never been in a war zone because the US wasn’t in any wars when I was on active duty.

    re promotion to flag rank, damned if I know what the criteria are. I’ve conversed with a number of generals, mostly in the Army, and most but far from all seemed pretty sharp. A number of them may have been bright enough but were either blinkered by their own hobby-horses or had ridiculous constraints imposed on them from above, and the resultant standing orders might as well have come from imbeciles who’d attained their rank through family connections.

  48. “In addition to my M-16, usually…”

    I was supposed to carry that WITH the M60, too, but told them to get fucked and opted for the M79. I could get away with a lotta chit on my second tour and they thought I was crazy as a loon anyway. Define “crazy:” a security police NCO who forces a subordinate airman to type up the night’s report at gunpoint; who hikes up and down a California mountain every week while tripping on LSD; who threatens to blow the pilot and crew chief out of the chopper when they get cute making sharp tree-top-level turns thinking I’m just a noob snowflake, etc., etc. Oh, and I’m almost forgetting the softball game in Maine when I was pitching while tripping and tried to bean the CO, the squadron captain, repeatedly, until they kicked me out. Shortly after that I had orders for ‘Nam but I’m sure there was no connection.

    “…you can make an SJW boiling mad by piling on the micro-s.”

    Always LOTS of fun. I just saw a first lesson recently on how to set up a totally anonymous FaceCrack account and infiltrate lefty and SJW groups for that purpose, or just to spy on them and publish their chit somewhere else. Among many other possible uses. More lessons to come, but I don’t feel like I can justify the time here.

  49. Micro: can be missed by normal people, because only idiots take offense when the truth is spoken.

    Macro: big. As in BFH, BFD, and BFR. Such as “I’d like to smack her around with a BFH.”

    Micro-agression melts special snowflakes. Macro-agression pounds them into the ground.

  50. Is the D in BFD for Drill, as in “Put a hole in his head with a BFD and maybe the stupid will drain out.”?

  51. So, the time I laid out a Hare Krishna who wouldn’t stop pestering me at the airport would count as a macro-aggression?

    Yes, this was well before the movie Airplane. I’ve always suspected that one of the writers was among the people who witnessed this (and applauded).

  52. Ima just gon guess: BFH is “Big Fucking Hammer.” “BFD” is, of course, “Big Fucking Deal,” which really frosts their asses when you respond with that after one of their breathless virtue-signalling spewing. “BFR” is…shit, I dunno. I’ve just installed FF on the Fedora laptop and now have to figure a way to share the Tor file with the guest, in this case, Whonix Workstation.

    Can’t. Fucking. Multitask.

  53. Men don’t multi-task. Or even task-switch well. But we’re pretty darned good at completing tasks that require attention.

    BFD, BFH, BFR. Deal (or Dildo), Hammer, Rock. I like BFR – Primal macro aggression. Which reminds me of BMFIC – the Big MFer in Charge. Derivative of NCOIC. I earned the title on occasion – BMF, not NCO.

  54. I was a 19-year-old NCO, thanks largely to attrition and not to my own competence or expertise in anything much except, actually, getting into trouble; the maggot lifer mofos called me “Young Sergeant Hardy.” Derisively, of course. Tough shit. I had the machine gun.

  55. I was commissioned young, having whizzed through being a private and a cadet. I wasn’t younger than all of the privates… And, yah, I caught a raft of shit from a lot of people about it.

  56. I don’t KNOW that breaking the Lieutenant’s leg during a soccer game got me orders overseas, but I have my suspicions. All for the best, anyway.

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