Day: May 4, 2016

Wednesday, 4 May

09:31 – Forty-six years ago today. Four dead in Ohio. Allison B. Krause, Jeffrey Glenn Miller, William Knox Schroeder, and Sandra Lee Scheuer. Kids minding their own business. Murdered by the government. Never forget.

Barbara is spending the day in Winston-Salem, running errands and meeting the HVAC company tech at the old house so they can do a system check and replace the central filter. Colin and I are on our own for today. He’s watching the cows. There are a couple dozen along our back fence, including several babies who aren’t much bigger than he is.

More science kit stuff today. I’ll be running more labels for bottles and making up solutions. Barbara labeled about 1,000 bottles yesterday while she watched House of Cards on Netflix streaming.

It now looks pretty certain that it’ll be Trump vs. Clinton in November, two candidates whom almost no one likes, including the rank and file of their own parties. My guess is that Trump will beat Clinton. A lot of voters hate him, but the same is true of Clinton, so it’s a matter of voters from both parties holding their noses and voting for whichever candidate they hate less. How did we get to this point?

12:16 – Colin just took me out to get some exercise. For me, not for him.

As we went out the door, I threw the Frisbee as far as I could toward the treeline on our southern boundary. Colin ran after it and caught it in the air a few yards short of the tree line. He then lay down and waited for me to walk over to him. When I got about five feet from him, he grabbed the Frisbee and ran over to the north side of the property, 150 yards or so away. He lay down, dropped the Frisbee, and waited for me to make my way over to him. When I was about five feet from him, he picked it up and ran back over to the south side of the yard. Rinse and repeat. This dog has the shittiest play skills, not just of any dog I’ve ever had or known, but of any dog I’ve ever heard of. What other dog, ever, doesn’t know that when his human throws a toy he’s supposed to go get it, bring it back, and drop it to be thrown again? Colin absolutely demands full participation. He does the same thing in the house. I’ll throw the ball. He runs and picks it up momentarily, drops it where it was, and runs back to demand that I go get it and bring it back for him.

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