Day: May 31, 2016

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

11:20 – We’re back to the usual stuff around here. Barbara cut my hair this morning. I was getting a little shaggy. She’s running some errands this morning while I do laundry. This afternoon we’ll work on kit stuff.

I’m debating how best to protect our garden against herbivorous predators. I was thinking last night about different types of fencing when I realized that a better solution overall might be landmines or perhaps sensor-activated claymores. In addition to protecting the vegetables, that would give us an ongoing source of deer and rabbit meat, albeit somewhat pre-shredded.

We’ve been rewatching Deadwood, which continues to set the standard for bad language. I read somewhere that over the entire three seasons Deadwood averaged just under one incidence of “fuck”, “cunt”, “cocksucker”, etc. every minute. I’m surprised it isn’t more than that. Once we finish Deadwood, we’ll at some point start re-watching Rome. That one has much less strong language but much better dresses.

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