Day: May 3, 2016

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

10:24 – I walked up to Bonnie’s house yesterday while Barbara was out at a Friends of the Library meeting. Bonnie bought her scooter used, and didn’t get the manual for it. It’s a Pride Mobility Victory model, and I figured it’d be easy enough to grab the manual PDF from their website and print it for Bonnie. Turns out, they make/made a whole bunch of different models all named Victory, and there was nothing obvious on the outside of her scooter to indicate which specific Victory model it was. So I looked at the images of the control panel in all of the PDFs until I found one that looked like hers.

When I dropped off the manual, Bonnie gave me some chicken plants for Barbara. She planted those yesterday, so I’m expecting a good crop of eggs once they start growing. When I mentioned that to Barbara, she just rolled her eyes. When I mentioned that if we wanted eggs we might need to plant some eggplants, she almost threw her book at me.

More science kit stuff today. We’ll spend the day labeling bottles.

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