Day: May 5, 2016

Thursday, 5 May 2016

09:17 – It’s pretty miserable out this morning. Damp with a fine mist in the air, winds of 15 MPH (24 KPH) gusting higher, and temperature in the upper 30’s (~3C), with a wind chill below freezing. It’s a good day to stay in.

I think we need to replace the in-line cartridge water filter for our well water. We’ve lived here five months as of today, and haven’t touched it. Barbara and I have both noticed that our water flow rate seems lower. I just called a plumber to schedule a visit for this afternoon. I want him to show me how to replace the filter and tell me what else needs to be done routinely to maintain our water system. Neither Barbara nor I has ever lived anywhere that didn’t have municipal water, so we need to find out what we need to do.

We started re-watching Deadwood last night. I think it’s been ten years since we watched, and about all we remember is some of the main characters. Like most HBO series, this one features lots of good dresses. It’s also well-written, which makes a striking contrast with Chicago Fire. That started out as a mediocre soap opera and keeps getting worse. With very few exceptions, on-air network series succeed by pandering to the low tastes of the American public.

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