Day: May 11, 2016

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

09:54 – More work on science kits today. We have a couple thousand bottles labeled and ready to fill. I need to make up several of the solutions we need.

I think our cow neighbors are getting used to seeing Colin. This morning, there were about three dozen in the field near our back fence line, including half a dozen small calves. A dozen or so of them turned to watch Colin and me as we walked along the fence, but none of them said anything. Until recently, several of them would have let out a warning moo, and occasionally one would bellow at Colin. I’m sure they recognize a wolf when they see one, but I think they’ve seen him often enough with nothing bad happening that they’ve decided he’s not a threat.

I just cooked two cups of rice to put aside to make fried rice for dinner tonight.

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