Monday, 22 February 2016

13:00 – Barbara is pretty happy with the state of the house, so we’re back in kit-making mode. I’m running labels for 15 mL bottles right now, hundreds and hundreds of them, and Barbara is labeling and bagging the bottles. I’ll start making up chemicals tomorrow, and we’ll be filling thousands of bottles and vials over the next week or so.

I also need to re-order bottles. We’re down to maybe 1,500 of the 15 mL cylindrical bottles and about 1,000 of the 30 mL cylinders, most or all of which will be labeled in the next few days.


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  1. lol! A video has shown up featuring Senator Bipolar Biden saying Bush shouldn’t nominate a SC Justice and Congress should not approve one late in his term. I guess it was a negative day on the bipolar express.

  2. That’s the thing with the innernet; we can dig up historical stuff and shove it the faces of the ass-hats years later, thusly.

    Doesn’t matter anyway; packed SCOTUS; mad-dog psycho Maoist-in-pantsuit doing the WH Sock Puppet gig; and gutting of the Bill of Rights and trashing of same, for real.

    Or…for y’all Trumpeteers out there…

    One of the salient points being that us disenfranchised voiceless out here really don’t give a blind rat’s ass about racial and sexual hijinks, other than having it in our faces constantly and being used to bludgeon us and make our lives that much more miserable. What we REALLY care about is the selling out of the country and our jobs and livelihoods, and that’s been going on a very long time now. Pat Buchanan told us that NAFTA and GATT would be bad news and the usual ass-hats told us oh no, it’s a no-brainer; it’s gonna be great. Or, at most, they’d say, well, gotta break a few eggs to make an omelet (quoting Lenin) and times will be tough for SOME people but they’ll find new shit to do, amirite?

    So on the one hand we have new tech developments ending lots of jobs but also the political and economic leadership selling them off to low-paid foreign labor and also giving away vast tracts of property nationwide, but looks like they’re capable of selling off half the Western states in terms of Federal land.

    Then we’re shit on for being straight white males on top of everything else. Keep pushing, mofos, keep pushing….

    …and reap the whirlwind.

  3. -shrug- Either works, and either fits on a keyring.

    I picked up some dozens from Amazon a year or two ago — something like 30 cents each plus $5 shipping for any size order, so it made sense to get a lot. I’ve been giving them out to kin to keep on keyrings, often having to explain what they are. Have gotten, months later, a couple “oh my god that little can opener saved the day where can I get them?” comments.

  4. MrsAtoz are at our fav casino, The South Point, as we pull in there are about 20 cop cars, trucks, tanks along the side. About 50 cops standing outside WTF, over.


    Trump is here!

    Trump 2016!

  5. “…tanks along the side…”

    TANKS??? WTF, over?

    Now lissen up, pilgrim; if Donald talks anything about racial matters, ya gotta let us know. Otherwise, from what I gather, he mainly yaks about economic and biz stuff and making the country great again, whatever that means. If you get a chance to talk to him, tell him that it’s too late. Nothing he can do. The “court party” is in charge and would just as soon consign us all to the rubbish heap after they’re done looting us.

    See the latest Bracken article I posted a link to earlier.

    We may have only tonight to get our chit together, maybe another six to eight months, or maybe we have a year or two, but the shitstorm is coming.

    So…uh…what are the tanks for? Zombie strippers outta control again? Joe Pesci running around cursing at everybody and threatening them?

    P.S. Another southern “front” opens up soon:

  6. Thanks, Doc! Messing around with Shakey’s (Edward de Vere’s) stuff is always a gas.

    “SWAT APC!”

    See any guns mounted on it? C’mon, we need full intel specs here! How were the boyz and grrls in the SWAT unit dressed? Close-up view of their commo gear? What were they doing, exactly? How long were they gonna be there? Do they belong to Lost Wages PD, county sheriff, state police or Feds?

    Rest assured, pilgrims, if we get units like this buzzing around in this AO, your northern correspondent will attempt to get all the relevant info/intel and post it all over hell. Nothing much lately, though. Our biggest nooz item this past week was some dizzy bint driving “too close to the loading dock” at the rear of a local supermarket and flipping her rice-mobile over on its roof. TWO pics in the local nooz rag! Whaddya wanna bet she was on her friggin’ cell?

  7. Puh-leeeeze! If she hasn’t been indicted by the time he gets to the WH, I seriously doubt she ever will be; the Klintons are evidently Teflon Scum; nothing seems to get to them, ever. And I certainly wouldn’t support Trump on just that one issue anyway.

    This will probably be a very interesting year; all kinds of crazy chit can happen with the national election; our southern border is still a colossal joke; the financial house of cards could topple any minute, really; and we have a decent chance of seeing World War IV unfold in the Middle East and Europe. If terrorists or some other world or domestic entity can screw with our Grid and bring it down, we’ll be in really bad shape really fast. I haven’t read Ted Koppel’s book on that, but it’s easy enough to imagine; picture your ‘hood and surrounding streets in more or less complete darkness and no tee-vees or innernet; plus, anything you have running that depends on the juice, like heat, well pump, medical equipment, etc., is now kaput. This is when goblins come out to play, too.

    The sideshows down in Mordor will take a distant back seat under these conditions.

  8. It’s awfully quiet around Hillary’s email problems. She should have been indicted ages ago, instead we have this deafening silence. Odds are, the political powers-that-be have told the DOJ to lay off.

    Hillary for Prison!

    Failing that, the best thing that could happen would be for her to be forced to withdraw, due to some health problem.

  9. I mentioned what Mr. brad said about the deafening silence to the guy down at the recycling center (dump) yesterday, a retired Army NG Lt. Colonel and fellow ‘Nam vet from the Corps of Engineers in the central highlands. He said it’s still a hot topic on Fox, but since I don’t watch tee-vee I must be missing it; and none of the net sites I check lately have had anything much on it. My guess is with brad; DOJ has been told to lay off by the ruling junta. For some reason. If she actually makes it to the WH, it will be because they want it so, and I think it’s still gonna be interesting who her VP will be; this may just be a ploy to get that person into the Sock Puppet gig next year.

    I doubt she’ll ever go to any prison; that’s just not in the cards. But an accident or major health calamity? Sure.

  10. Someone in either the FBI or the DOJ claimed a week or two ago that they were told to back off. I don’t know if that claim was substantiated, or even investigated.

  11. “I don’t know if that claim was substantiated, or even investigated.”

    Thanks for my best chuckle of the day, so fah.

    Of course they were told to back off. Teflon Klintons. They’re going out feet-first, not via jail. I’m dying to know, though, who the VP picks are gonna be for all these clowns. We could be heading into bonafide banana republic territory this year.

  12. Odds are, the political powers-that-be have told the DOJ to lay off.

    People with sources at the FBI say the investigation is proceeding. The FBI wants to have all their ducks in a row if they refer to DOJ for criminal charges. As they find more and more classified memos, it widens the net of who they need to interview and possibly charge with mishandling classified documents. What looked at first like a can of worms has turned into a Costco case of large cans of worms and snakes. I’ve heard estimate of 30-60% that she will be indicted and even higher that the FBI will refer for charges. If DOJ refuses to go to a grand jury, expect a leak. The FBI director is said to be pretty straight. Remember that it was the FBI that brought down Nixon.

    Note that two or so weeks ago, the Clinton Foundation got some subpoenas for records. Another can is opened…..

  13. I’m still putting all my chips on Trump 2016.

    Trump too has a pen and an iPhone (smart enough not to use a CrackBerry, okay an iPhone is almost as bad but it is the phone du jour in the business world).

    I believe Trump is going to give the gooberment drones a taste of what a Capitalist can do with a pen and a phone.

  14. “People with sources at the FBI say the investigation is proceeding.”

    Interesting, Mr. ech; thanks. The Feebie director had said he would resign if she was not indicted, but I’m not sure if he still stands by this. It would be kinda ironic as she was beavering away long ago at bringing down Nixon until she got fired for unethical behavior and practice. And not long after that she was defending (legally) a violent rapist, probably good training for sticking with her great big lovable lug of a husband. All this is ancient history but documented nicely in Roger Stone’s book on them. They are truly evil creatures.

    “I’m still putting all my chips on Trump 2016.”

    Good luck! My chips are on this being a very interesting year and election to follow, domestically and overseas. Hold onto yer hats!

    “…a taste of what a Capitalist can do with a pen and a phone.”

    Interesting image. All I do with mine is check email, Linked-In, and look stuff up occasionally. The pen I use the old-fashioned way, scribbling lots of little notes to myself on paper that I fold up and keep using and have stuffed in one of my pockets all the time. Pathetic. I’m gonna try again to upgrade my Personal Information stuff to Evernote, which I have on the PC and iPhone both and be a good electronic innernet citizen.

  15. Come on, Mr. OFD. Get out there and pump a few of your Vet friends hands to vote for Turmp.

    Pump for Trump ™ 2016!

    lol, just joking bro.

  16. Pump for Trump!

    “CHUMP FOR TRUMP” tee shirts now on sale!

    Bump for Trump, yo cut me a line there, bro!

    Take a dump for Trump 16!

    Hump for Trump 2016!

    Jump for Trump!

    Take a lump for Trump!

    Yeah, my vet pals are fah more likely to vote for him than anybody else, you can bet on it. They’re mostly Fox Nooze enthusiasts and can’t stand Obola or Cankles but mainly give Sanders a pass ’cause he’s done stuff for us here in VT. I quit that notion when he ran for Prez; no more free passes from OFD.

  17. Well, at least a little more scrutiny for Cankles.

    A federal judge on Tuesday ruled that State Department officials and top aides to Hillary Clinton should be questioned under oath about whether they intentionally thwarted federal open records laws by using or allowing the use of a private email server throughout Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state from 2009 to 2013.

  18. So they’ll just hem and haw and plead the Fifth and also CRS Syndrome and eventually some low-level staff drone will be thrown under the Klinton bus…or is it a sleigh? As in throwing peeps outta the sleigh while being pursued by wolves…like they’ve done so many times before, including to former close friends and associates, who either went to prison or ended up dead.

    Rest assured that any of us would have been sitting in jail for many moons by now, in our orange jumpsuits, eating crappy food, and dodging beatings and worse. By the time we’re led out for more public proceedings, we indeed look like the traitorous criminal scum we’re accused of being. I figure we’d get thirty years to life, which for most of here would be an effective death sentence.

  19. Bah. Who needs flashlights when we can talk about … P-38 CAN OPENERS!

    Is that something TSA would confiscate?

  20. I had dozens and they all fell outta the kayak on the lake, now under a few inches of ice, too.

    Is the TSA still doing their airline schtick and checking shoes and suchlike? Any other outfit with their record would be long gone by now, but hey, it’s a Fed thing so it’s never going away, apparently. Check my shoes while the luggage in the cargo hold isn’t touched. Strip me nekkid and walk me through a machine while goat-fucking mutants swan by, laughing. Assault toddlers, ancient MOH awardees, and grannies in wheelchairs. And still, they run those tests and exercises periodically and guys get through all that stuff and onto planes with guns, explosives, ammo, knives, etc., slicker than goose snot on a doorknob.

  21. I have only flown twice since 9/11 and have found the process to be not nearly annoying as I thought it would be. I am a bit disconcerted that nobody seemed to notice that I had my titanium hardware collection with me. I would have thought that would earn me an automatic trip to the X-Ray body scanner. Wondering if the metal detector I walked through was off or only detects ferrous metals…

  22. I was traveling on 9/11 and continued to travel at least 2 and sometimes 4 or more times a week for years after, including internationally.

    It’s bad. Some are worse than others. Count yourself lucky that it didn’t seem too bad.

    The worst part is the conditioning of the public. They now expect to be frisked like a criminal at sporting events, theme parks, schools, busses and trains, anywhere any time. They are being trained to kowtow to unelected, unsworn j@ckasses with arbitrary powers. You rarely hear complaint or resistance now. People have learned that they’ll miss their flight, face trumped up charges, and end up on a list that hampers their movement for the rest of their lives.

    The second worst part is when those same j@ckasses trumpet then number of proscribed items they seize. It makes NO difference if you seize 1000 guns, if an attacker gets HIS thru. It makes no difference if you let 1000 guns thru, if they aren’t carried by attackers. For example, if I forget and board a plane, there is no risk to the plane or the passengers NO MATTER WHAT I”M CARRYING as I don’t intend to harm anyone. In fact, there is significant benefit if someone else does intend harm.

    I’ll note too that the airlines LURV them some positive bag check, and IDs to board. They were losing millions to award travel that would otherwise go unused as people sold their flight awards.

    It’s an intrusive, anti-liberty, ineffective and wasteful program that WILL NOT stop the next attack, but will continue to have negative effects on the citizens of FUSA.


  23. Many years ago a person I know allegedly boarded a plane carrying, among other things, a container of pepper spray. Due to the large number of computer peripherals in the bag, the bag was rifled pretty good. The complained about the loose wires. Heh.

    While preparing for the return flight, I may have found the offending item and may have given it to the concierge, whose girlfriend was a runner. No way would that person take such a chance.

    Used to be, security was handled by the airport, and they wanted to keep things safe because it was good for business. Now they do it because it’s good for government.

    We were born free.

  24. “It’s an intrusive, anti-liberty, ineffective and wasteful program that WILL NOT stop the next attack, but will continue to have negative effects on the citizens of FUSA.”

    And thus will never end.

    Until the system goes down.

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